one day, one step & one breath at a time


  1. to remember that it’s ok to feel a little (read: lot) insane after having birthed 3 children, 2 of them within 2 minutes of each other
  2. to remember that insanity is a part of motherhood, especially with raising 3 children, 2 of which are the exact same age. ok, a 2 minute difference *pulls tongue*
  3. to remember that whilst my husband is not perfect and is flawed… neither am i
  4. to remember to remind myself that it’s ok to ask for help, to remind myself that i am not superhuman, i am not perfect. and that’s ok
  5. to remember to remind myself that i don’t have to be happy all of the time, but that on the days that i’m not happy, to gently let myself know that it’s ok; i’m ok
  6. the fact that i need a dicta-phone because the second i think of something awesome to write about (and possibly become famous or something), life happens and it’s gone. like a fart in the wind
  7. to remember that i am loved. always and forever
  8. to remember that my past does not define me, only my actions towards my future do
  9. to remember that without making the mistakes that i have, i would not have grown
  10. to remember to always give my all, my best, my everything. and on the days that i can’t, know that tomorrow, maybe tomorrow i can, and will



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