petrol fumes and my guardian angel

Yesterday morning, something pretty amazing happened to me. In true me style, I pulled into my closest petrol station with 5km left in my tank. My salary cleared late, and I made it home on Tuesday night with 20km left in my tank.

I was running a little late yesterday; I had gotten up later than usual, and that just had a total snowball effect on the rest of my morning. This included leaving the twins’ bag at home, as well as my gym bag. I however did not know that I had left these 2 bags at home, until I got to the petrol station and asked for R200 worth of fuel. I had gone to gym on Monday night, and had placed my purse in my gym bag, because that’s where I keep my gym card. I was going to gym last night, and so had packed my bag yesterday morning (it still had my purse in it) but then forgot to put it into my car.

Right. So now what? I would have probably been able to drop off the twins and Morgan-Lee but then I know I’d be stuck. As I’m a regular at the petrol station, the manager was contemplating giving me a R100 advance, as I promised him that I’d come in and pay it last night, and I went to tun my ignition on to show him that I only had 5km left in my tank.

I turned the key, and it showed 79km left. Guys, I swear to you, I had 5km of petrol left in my tank when I pulled into the petrol station. What I think happened, is that in my mild state of panic in realising that I didn’t have my purse, I couldn’t put any petrol in my car and not being able to get hold of the husband, a good Samaritan quickly and quietly paid for R100 worth of fuel for me, as my petrol cap was open from when I first arrived. I was so distracted by trying to phone Lee, pacing next to my car and talking to the manager, that I was not paying attention to anything that may or may not have happened by my fuel tank. But I know that someone did something amazing for me; they saw a frazzled mom with 3 kids in the car, that it was after 7am, and that I had left my purse at home, something that I think most of us have done. And so they helped me get my kids to school, and myself to work.

So, to my guardian angel, the good Samaritan that helped me at the Total Botha’s Hill yesterday morning; I don’t know who you are, but I will be paying it forward.


G x


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