so about last night

There is something very daunting about having to “pop” into the shops after work with the twins in tow. VERY daunting. So daunting in fact, that I really do try my very best not to do so, because it ends up being chaos. Pure and simple chaos.

Last night was no exception.

Madness with a capital M

When I head into the shops, even if just for bread and milk, I always get a trolley for Alex and Maddie. Where the shopping is supposed to go is anyone’s guess, but I know that they are at least contained, and cannot get up to any mischief. Apart from climbing (read falling) out of the trolley, I’m able to get in and out of the shop without causing too much damage to my surroundings. I inevitably end up getting a small sweet or something to distract them from everything else that they can destroy, hoping that it will keep them distracted until we get back to the car.

Last night for some stupid reason, I did not get a trolley. *insert deathly ill/shocked face here* We rushed into Dischem because they were about to close, and I needed to have my script filled. Thank GOODNESS we were 3 of about 10 customers in the whole shop, and that there were A LOT of staff still on duty.

Trouble with a capital T

It took me about 20 minutes to get my medication from the pharmacist, and in that time, Alex had run off and made friends with another Alex, Maddie CLIMBED ONTO A SHELF and proceeded to dress herself in all of the hair accessories, Alex had thrown his bouncing ball all over the shop, including underneath the over-the-counter-medication counter and underneath all of the shelves and down about 4 different aisles. Maddie then proceeded to launch herself off of the bench by the prescription medication waiting area, almost into the arms of a gym-going beefcake, who almost wet himself with fright, landing on her bum, laughing, and then doing it all over again. I don’t know how many times I apologised to the staff and remaining customers, but I think due to the time of day, no one really cared and were all pretty understanding that I too was exhausted, and just 1 mom trying to reign in 2 toddlers. The staff were cracking up with laughter at the antics of my 2, and everyone knows Alex’s name… When I had finally managed to pay for my medication, Maddie then proceeded to help herself to a handful of sweetie packets, which I of course only saw just before stepping out of the shop. Thank goodness for understanding security guards and about 4 cashiers who could see that I was about to actually just sit down on the floor and have my own tantrum!

Needless to say, when we walked into Checkers, the very first thing I did was wrangle 2 pumped up toddlers into a trolley. The very next thing I did was question my existence, for my failing to remember just what an exercise it was getting bread and milk with 2 mini-monsters.

And I sincerely hope that Dischem Hillcrest NEVER views their security footage from last night, as I somehow doubt that I would be welcome again in their store if they did!


Maddie & Alex (when they’re not being mini-monsters)

via Daily Prompt: Notorious


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