the little girl who lost her name {win}

For those that follow me on Facebook and twitter, you would have seen that I shared a link a few weeks back, to (what I believe is) the most amazing website, showcasing just a little bit of magic that this world so desperately needs.

Lost My Name started up in 2012, and you can read about their humble, yet awesomely crazy beginning here. The second line on their About page sums it all up perfectly: The world needs more magic. And magic they have created.

Source – the Lost My Name website

Their website is fun and easy to navigate around; you can choose from 8 different languages to have your book printed in, as well as choose from 13 different currencies in which to pay in.

Source – the Lost My Name website

You start off by inputting the name of the child who will be going on an amazing adventure, and then off you go! There are different options for some of the letters; an elephant or an elk for the letter E; a giant or a ghost for the letter G and so on and so forth. The books are of an excellent quality, and your order includes free standard shipping, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

I used the last little bit of my Christmas bonus and purchased a book for Morgan-Lee. Long story short, it got lost somewhere over either the Atlantic or Indian oceans! But that’s really ok, because the Lost My Name team replaced it, FOR

Source – the Lost My Name website

FREE! And it arrived in less than a week after I had notified them that I hadn’t received it. Their customer service is PHENOMENAL, and I believe that a lot of companies could take a lesson or 3 from them.

So, I received 3 x 15% discount vouchers with Morgan-Lee’s book, and I would love to spread the magic, and give them away! Don’t worry, you don’t have to like this and follow that; simply send a tweet and leave a comment, and hey presto! You’re entered! Please see the Rafflecopter link below and click away!

Have fun, and good luck 😀

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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