oh *&$^ i forgot roald dahl’s birthday

I am the class-mom for Morgan-Lee’s grade 1 class. Lord help us all… At the beginning of this term a notice was sent out, highlighting all of the important dates for us parents to remember. One of those dates was today, the 13th of September. Also known as World Literacy Day. Also the day that Roald Dahl, author of many a child’s fantasy, would have celebrated his 100th birthday.

I created a Whatsapp group for the class (shoot me now) to keep the parents updated of any important issues, reminders etc. I must admit, we have a pretty decent bunch of parents this year; my phone hasn’t buzzed nearly as much as it did last year! Ahhh us new grade R parents – so afraid to miss out on ANYTHING! Anyway… I have the class teacher’s number, and she liaises with me any important info, last minute reminders etc, to forward onto the group. I knew Roald Dahl dress-up day was coming. It was on the notice on our fridge; the teacher sent me a picture notice via Whatsapp last week; I forwarded said picture onto the group. I even spoke to my mom about it on Friday. Fast forward to yesterday, after a weekend of non-stop working and hardly seeing my kids, and my stomach dropped to my feet. The day was upon us. Shit! I had no idea which character I was dressing Morgan-Lee as, and I didn’t want to send her in yellow as an alternative (apparently Roald Dahl’s favourite colour) as I really wanted to make her feel special. So, in literally about 10 minutes last night, I threw together a costume for her. I even gave myself a pat on the back I was so damn chuffed with myself!

We decided on Matilda, and her costume was made up of the following items:

  • red ribbons taken from 3 Christmas gift bags, tied together
  • a white blouse/shirt
  • my blue maternity dress, pinned and tied up to fit her
  • white bobby socks
  • slip on denim shoes
My little Matilda, book in hand

And boom! 1 x Matilda! That’s something I have always loved about Roald Dahl; his characters were so simple, simple yet easy to relate to. Genuine, honest, day-to-day people. She was so happy with her costume, and apart from her shining blonde hair, she looked like a pretty believable Matilda to me 🙂

The school did say to parents not to go overboard and spend ludicrous amounts of money, and apart from the fact that I have no extra money to spare, I am so pleased that I was able to get her involved in Roald Dahl’s birthday, and that she didn’t feel left out. It was so awesome watching all of the Charlie Buckets and Georges and witches walking into school today.

So yes, I did forget Roald Dahl’s birthday (my bad) but my daughter didn’t – yay! Apart from the fact that the entire drive home yesterday consisted of “Mommy, what am I going to wear tomorrow?” and “Mommy, I want to go as a witch” and “Mommy, who was Roald Dahl?” I cannot wait to enrich her life and imagination with the amazing stories of my childhood; of so many childhoods. I want to collect every single Roald Dahl book for her, including his autobiographies as those were just so enthralling. What a life he lived, what an imagination he had.

And I for 1 am so grateful that he shared it with the world.



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