discovering tastebuds

I am the eldest child of 4. And I can quite honestly agree with that little statement that most parents make; “your first children are your guinea pigs”. I can agree with this, because on my journey as a mommy, it’s been the truth!

When Morgan-Lee was born in 2009, I was what you would call a paranoid mother. I kept her clean at all times, wouldn’t let her out of my sight, and made sure (to the best of my ability) that she didn’t eat anything ‘weird’. Many a doctor’s trip was made, because I was convinced she was going to get deathly ill because she ate something strange or did something silly, when in actual fact, I was just a nervous, paranoid new mommy. Thank goodness our GP is a father to 4, because he humourously entertained every single one of my ’emergency’ visits, and never once made me feel silly or inadequate.

When the twins were born, I must admit that apart from ensuring that their formula bottles were made with cooled, boiled water, and that their bottles were scrubbed and sterilised in the microwave steamer, I’ve been far more relaxed and lenient with them. Dog hair on the floor whilst they’re getting some tummy time? Ok. The dog licked them in their faces, probably in their mouths too? Ok. (side note, our dogs are fully vaccinated and dewormed) Oh look, Alex is chewing on my shoe. Ok. Filthy dirty clothes due to crawling babies all over my filthy dirty floors? Ok. It really hasn’t bothered me that much this time around, and apart from the twins having 3 nasty illness scares in the past year, it’s vastly different from Morgan-Lee, who was ill from 2.5 months old right up until her 1st birthday, and since then she hasn’t been the healthiest of children.

Anyway, about 2-3 months back, Alex and Maddie got their first taste of dog food. And not just the crumbles. I’m talking about the crumbles AND the meat. After chasing them around the lounge for at least 8mins trying to hide the dogs’ bowls with them ALWAYS finding them, I eventually gave up. I think in total they had about 5-6 crumbles, smeared in meat. EEEEEWWWWWW. But you know what? They didn’t die. They didn’t get deathly ill, and apart from their tummies working REALLY well for the next 24 hours, they were absolutely fine. Not that I at all endorse eating dog food, but there are seriously worse things!

Like yesterday.

Our nanny, Thully is the best thing since, well, everything really. She takes such phenomenal care of the twins, and with Morgan-Lee now at home with chicken pox, she’s watching her too, administering medication, rubbing cream onto her, feeding her etc. Anyway, I got home yesterday, and Thully comes up to me and says that she needs to tell me something. I looked at her with a quizzical look on my face, because I’ve told her so many times before; she can talk to me about anything. She looked at me, blushed a beautiful deep shade of red, and told me that Alex had um, filled his nappy earlier, and when she came inside she found him, well, discovering what it tasted like.


But how I laughed! Again, I don’t endorse eating poo for goodness sake, but it has happened to so many parents, and I’m just quite honestly glad I wasn’t there, because I know that I would have been gagging, crying and laughing all at the same time! The worst I’ve ever had to deal with, was a ‘floater’ in the bath courtesy of Morgan-Lee; I’ve been lucky so far with the twins. But I thought back to when Morgan-Lee was this age, and how she wanted to taste everything (if only that were true still…) and how I think it would have been yet another ’emergency’ GP visit, because “my child ate her poo!”

But I must admit… I am looking forward to this phase of ‘tastebud experimentation’ to go away… Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is tasted, from shoes to books, to tv remotes and cellphones.

Luckily, they eat their food with just as much enthusiasm as my do my shoes.



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