the dreaded chicken pox (but there is a silver lining!)

*this is not a sponsored post*

So a month ago, Alex decided to throw a curve ball, and get chicken pox. Still trying to figure out how exactly he managed that, but anyway… Not knowing at first what he had, off we went to Dischem and within minutes our suspicions were confirmed; he had chicken pox.

A miserable and sick Alex; first night of high temps
A miserable and sick Alex; first night of high temps

We were then recommended Panado and Allergex to help with the pain, fever and swelling, but instead of calamine lotion, which is the go-to for chicken pox, the OTC assistant offered us PoxClin. It was a bit more expensive than the calamine, but the assistant was raving about it, and so I thought why not.

Well, I’m so glad that I did.

PoxClin – available over the counter at most pharmacies, but I shop at Dischem

PoxClin is a mousse-cream, that has been specifically formulated to help with Chicken Pox outbreaks. It calms and soothes the skin, and it has a mild anti-histamine, which is a great reliever. Chicken Pox is one of those really annoying illnesses; painful and irritating, literally. Within moments of applying the mousse to Alex, I noticed that he instantly stopped scratching, and was a bit calmer and more relaxed. He was obviously meant to be our guinea pig, because 2 weeks later, as his last scabs were falling off, Maddie started with those tell-all tiny red spots. Within 24 hours of her first spots appearing, she had full blown Chicken Pox. I luckily had some of the PoxClin leftover from Alex, enough to keep us going through the night. Maddie had it far worse than Alex (Maddie and Alex being our 1 year old twins – yay us!) and fought off higher and longer temperatures, as well as having far more nasty blisters break out, especially in her head. Yes, the PoxClin was even rubbed in her hair!

Maddie on day 4 of her breakout
Maddie on day 4 of her breakout

With Maddie well on the road to recovery, Morgan-Lee woke up with spots this morning, 2 weeks after Maddie first broke out. Panado and PoxClin to the rescue! We’re still on our second lot of this stuff, and I’ll definitely be buying more tomorrow. With Morgan-Lee being able to actually tell us that she’s in pain and that she’s itchy, she can also tell us that she feels so much better after we rub the mousse on her.

Yes it’s pricier than calamine lotion. But instead of walking around with pink flaking splotches all over their bodies, my children have been smeared in this mousse, and you can’t even tell, because it’s so quickly absorbed into the skin.

Hopefully we never have to deal with Chicken Pox again once Morgan-Lee is finally over her outbreak, but if we ever do have the misfortune of suffering through this painful illness again, or if any of my friends and family catch it, I will definitely be smearing this stuff all over them!



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