and so it begins

Today, my poppet started ‘big school’. 24 years ago, I started ‘big school’, at the very same school that she is now attending. I cannot even explain the sense of pride that I had for her, as she confidently, yet quietly walked into school this morning, with little excited exclamations exiting her mouth every now and then; “oooh there’s the entrance!” “oooh that’s so pretty!” etc. Upon entering the school, all of the teachers were lined up with their lists in hand, helping parents with what classes their little ones were in, and M-L ran up to one of the teachers who so happily exclaimed “it’s so wonderful to see you again! I hope that you had a lovely holiday M-L!”. I wish I could describe the happy feeling that radiated through my body, knowing that she had made an impact of sorts of the teachers last year, and that she did know some of the teachers in the JP section.

We walked up to her classroom, introduced ourselves to her teacher, and went to find her seat. She happily read out her name and took a seat. I then proceeded to take about 25,697 pictures, of which she looked at the camera for 2 of them! Again, she flabbergasted me with her quiet confidence; no tears, no drama, just happiness and excitement to start Grade 1. I was so happy to see that there were a few of the kids from her class last year in her class this year, as it does always help to have a familiar face. The JP section of the school is completely separate from the Grade R section, so that’s why I was a little nervous for this morning, as it’s all new. But I quite honestly had absolutely nothing to worry about.

My new goal is to maintain her love for school. For the entire 5 weeks that she was on holiday, almost every day she asked me how many sleeps it was until ‘big school’. We went and purchased her uniforms last week, and almost every day since then, she wanted to wear them! Ah man, she looked so divine in her little uniform, so smart. So damn grown up.

My baby is in big school.

My baby is growing up.

I don’t think I’m quite ready for all of this, but my love, this is your time. Your time to shine, and show them what you’re made of.

I’m so proud to be your mommy.


First day of ‘big school’

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