oh well

So, I might be just a little older than I was planning on being, when I get my B.Com degree. I’ve just been told by our learning department that the tertiary institution that I’ve chosen to study through, is too expensive for them, so I might only be able to study in 2017, registered through another tertiary institution.

Whilst I am immensely grateful to work for a company that believes in assisting their employees to further themselves in their studies, the reason I chose this specific tertiary education institution, is because they have evening lectures, 2-4 times a week. The institution that my company wants me to go through, is purely through correspondence.

I am a face-to-face person. I need to be able to hear someone talk, be able to ask questions, interact with people around me. Discuss, debate. If I have to do 4 years of correspondence learning, I honestly don’t know if I’ll make it.

If I want this bad enough, I’ll make it work regardless, but it really isn’t ideal. Especially seeing as I might only be able to start studying in 2017, instead of next year.

But, we shall see what happens; fingers crossed it all works out!



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