on saying i love you

I was watching The Goldberg’s last week, and the episode was rather interesting. The mother had bribed her daughter with various fashion items to get her to tell her father that she loved him. The reason behind her bribery, was that she told everyone all day every day, that she loved them, whereas her husband and daughter very rarely (if ever) said it. It ended up with the father and daughter having a massive blow-out, and screaming I LOVE YOU at each other, but more in a I-say-it-better-than-you kind of way. At the end of the episode, the mother apologised to the daughter, and the daughter explained to her that even though she doesn’t tell her father that she loves him, he knows that she does. The father happened to be outside her bedroom door, and he smiled and walked away.

This resonated with me, as I’m in quite a similar situation.

My mom and I at my 21st in 2007
My mom and I at my 21st in 2007

I love my mom and dad with everything that I have; they’re my parents and they’ve only ever wanted the best for me. But my relationship with my mom is different to my relationship with my dad, naturally. My dad and I always say I love you, or we whatsapp it, or voice note it or whatever. But we say it. My mom and I, not so much. I don’t know why. It feels, weird in a sense. But what we do have, is gazillions. It’s like millions and billions, but gazillions 😉 That for us sums up our relationship. I know that my mom loves me, and I can’t even describe how much I love her. But we don’t say it. And that’s ok. I would drop everything right now if my mom needed me, and I know that my mom would do the same for me. She doesn’t drive, but I know that she’d run and wouldn’t stop if I needed her.

So I don’t need “I love you”.

I have gazillions.



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