on being thankful for the people in my life

These past few months have been rocky. No scratch that. They’ve been bloody awful. Our car woes have reached critical level, and our finances have reached crisis point. But. There is a silver lining.

The people in my life.

Our car went back to the dealership on the 25th of August, as there was an issue with the gearbox. Long story short, I collected the car on Saturday (1 month and 1 day later) with only a diagnosis as to what the problem was; nothing had actually been fixed. We’ve been told by the dealership that as it is a 9 year old car, and that we’ve had it for almost a year (they just seem to have forgotten that we’ve had issues with it from pretty much day 1) and that we’ve put almost 30,000km on it – it’s our problem to sort out. The warranty that we purchased with the vehicle covers the gearbox up to R25,000.00; the cheapest quote I could get to repair the gearbox? R48,000.00. When I was given that quote I just burst into tears. I knew that I couldn’t get it sorted out, because we don’t have the financial resources to do so. The husband asked his dad for help; I asked mine. Unfortunately neither are in a position to assist us right now. That’s what prompted us to collect the car, as there is no point in paying a monthly installment for a vehicle that was just sitting in the dealership, gathering dust.

So yesterday, a friend and I were chatting, and she asked how things were with my car. I was honest with her; told her it wasn’t repaired and that we didn’t have the money to repair it, and that we were driving the car until it just wouldn’t drive anymore, as we simply don’t have any other choice. She looked at me, and said:

“I’ll pay for it.”

Tears. Tears. And more tears. She floored me with her kindness and generosity. I wasn’t expecting her to offer to help us; I was just chatting to her! Her reasoning behind wanting to help us? She said that we clearly need the help, she knows we have 3 young children, and it’s just money to her. She has it sitting in her bank account and she doesn’t need it. We do. Guys I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve this angel in my life, but it must have been something big! And I’m not just grateful that she’s in my life because she’s helping us out financially; she is an incredible human being who always has a smile on her face, who is always asking after my family, who is always praising me at work, no matter how small the task I’ve done. She is one of those precious gems, someone that you feel honoured and privileged to have in your life.

So, part 1 of our latest car issue was sorted; the funds to get the gearbox fixed were secured. The next next issue (I know, when does it end?!) was that I am now going to be without a car for about 2 weeks whilst it’s in getting fixed. So, in a grasping-at-straws moment, I posted on my Facebook wall my plea for help! I refused to ask our friends that have loaned me their spare car too many times in the past year, if I could use it again purely because that would just be taking such advantage of their amazing generosity, so up my post went. Within 5mins I had an inbox message from a family member, on my step-dad’s side.

“Call me – cellphone number.”

Guys, floored yet again. This angel and her husband have offered me her little car to use for as long as I need it. I was battling to convey my appreciation to her last night, as I had been absolutely overcome at the kindness, compassion and generosity shown towards me.

When our lives are filled with strife and turmoil, we often battle to see the good that is still there. Yesterday showed that to me. Whilst financially we are going so backwards I don’t even know how we’ll pay our rent this month, or that only Morgan-Lee has supper most nights, we have good people in our lives, people that deserve only the very best that life has to offer. People that without a thought as to how it’ll benefit them, offer themselves to help someone in need, without even batting an eyelid.

Thank-you Universe. Whilst I don’t understand how much of anything works, it does work, when it needs to.

Thank-you angels.



4 Replies to “on being thankful for the people in my life”

  1. Oih, this last year has really been your year for issues with cars. I am so glad that you have angels that can help you – they do appear when you need it most and I really hope that this will be the last of your car issues for a very long time to come.

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    1. FINALLY got our car back yesterday… The battery is now stuffed from sitting for almost a month. I absolutely give up. R1000 + for a new battery. Can the year end now please 😦

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      1. Ah no! I hope that you can get a battery sorted and that this will now be the end of your car problems for a very long time. Here’s to next year being an absolutely fantastic year!

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