mommy; on your 50 somethingth birthday


.facebook_1441285668319I can’t buy you a present this year, and that breaks my heart. It’s been a pretty tough year for me, financially, emotionally and physically, but as always, you were one of my constants. My support, my foundation, my rock. My person.

Our late night bbm chats that kept me sane during the first few months of the twins’ lives; our nonsense bbm chats that kept me smiling. Our shared love of sweet Rose wine (the more the safer it is for those around us). Sitting in complete silence, knowing what each other was thinking and feeling. Your hugs that banish all of the sadness in my life. Your kisses that calm me. Your unconditional love for my children. Your spoils and treats to them; your hugs and kisses..facebook_1441285760549 Your special “Nana-kiss” with Morgan-Lee. The sparkle in your eye when the twins smile at you. The smile on your face that lights up my heart.

Your Facebook posts that I wake up every single morning that involve either me or my children. Your ideas and dreams. Your happiness and sorrows. Your calm manner when I feel that my entire world is imploding around me. Your respect for the way and manner in which I raise my children. Your sneaky treats when you think I’m not looking. Your unconditional love for all of us.

The silent frustration you have when you can’t do anything more than hold me, but so often, that’s all I need. “We’ll figure it out” is something I’ve become so used to hearing from you. And somehow, we do. My fear of disappointing you so quickly washed aside with your ever constant reassurance.

Knowing that my children have the best Nana in the world, second only to my Nana, your mommy.

God I love you ma.

Happy Birthday.




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