on being a single parent

This past week, I have been a single parent. The husband left on Sunday morning for a business trip, and will only be home this evening. 5 nights and 6 days without him. 5 nights and 6 days of me running the family.

Oy vey.

I am physically, financially and emotionally exhausted. This is what the past 6 days have entailed:

5:30am – By this time I’ve actually been awake for about 1-4 hours, depending on when one (or both of the twins woke up) but I go downstairs and put the geyser on. I then go back upstairs, and chill (haha)
6:00am – wake up Morgan-Lee, go downstairs, get her lunch packed, feed the marine fish (and do the chemicals), feed the dogs, feed the geese, feed the rabbit. Get Morgan-Lee’s breakfast ready for her. Reminder her (yet again) to feed her koi fish outside
6:45am – hop into the shower, all whilst the twins are either lying in their cots screaming blue murder, or are downstairs in their walking rings, screaming blue murder
7:10am – nanny arrives, and I bundle Morgan-Lee into the car, to rush her through to school before 7:30am
8:00am – collapse behind my desk, trying to find a way to keep my eyeballs from rolling into the back of my head

4:30pm – leave work
4:45pm – arrive home
5:00pm – feed dogs, load nanny and 3 x kids into the car (Monday and today our gardener will be in the car too). Drive nanny home
5:30pm – arrive back home, offload 3 x kids, run Morgan-Lee a bath
6:00pm – get supper on, whilst begging Morgan-Lee to bath and get dressed
6:45pm – try and get Morgan-Lee to finish her supper before 7pm, as that’s her bedtime!
7:30pm – house is in lock down, dogs inside, all 4 of us upstairs in bed; Morgan-Lee in her bed, twins in my arms as I rock them off to sleep. Morgan-Lee then ‘remembers’ that she didn’t go to the toilet after brushing her teeth *sigh*
7:45pm – put twins down in their respective cots – yay – some me time!
8:00pm – passed out in bed
10:00pm – Alex wakes up
10:30pm – put Alex back in cot
12:00am – Maddie wakes up
01:30am – put Maddie back in cot
04:00am – both twins are awake
05:15am – put twins in their cots
05:30am – go downstairs and put on geyser

Repeat x 4

The husband and I share the household responsibilities; we alternate cooking supper and he sorts out the animals in the morning and evening. He takes Morgan-Lee to school in the morning, and I fetch her in the afternoon. I sort out the twins with their bottles and get them off to sleep. I have absolutely detested this week without him, but at the same time, although even more exhausted than usual, I have proven to myself that I can actually do it; I can be a single parent. But I sure as hell do not want to, and I take my hat off to those of you who are single parents. My wallet has been emptied out due to the double school run this week making my petrol consumption higher than usual, I’m emotionally drained from the responsibility of the entire house, the animals and the children, and I’m physically drained because not only have I been getting minimal sleep due to the twins, but I also don’t sleep well when the husband is away. This morning, I’d been awake for 8 hours by 07:00am (it was one of THOSE nights) and I barely had the energy to even greet my nanny. She looked at me and asked if I was sick! I was THIS close to taking a day off work today, but I didn’t; I have soldiered on.

The husband will be back home in about 5 or so hours; and I can’t wait! I have honestly felt incomplete without him; he keeps us together. He keeps me grounded. He make me feel safe.

He is my home.



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