why i took the kiddie lock off of my car doors

In the news these days, there is at least one story involving violence against children, whether it be assault, abuse, rape, murder, or a hijacking. But every. single. day. After reading the horrific story about little Taegrin Morris (warning, very graphic descriptions in this article) last year, it has stayed with me. It has weighed heavily on my heart, my eyes filling with tears whenever I think about it. I don’t know how his parents have stayed as strong as they have.

Last week I took the kiddie lock off of the back passenger door where M-L sits. When she first discovered the door handle, and how to undo her car seat belt at about 18 months old, I immediately put the kiddie lock on. Now whilst I understand that Taegrin didn’t die because he couldn’t open the door, the reason that I took it off, was because if I were to ever find myself in the situation whereby I was being hijacked with my children in the car, I know that M-L can get herself out of her booster seat and the car. With the kiddie lock on, she would be able to undo her safety belt on her booster seat, but then be stuck in the car. What good is that? She is almost 6 years old now, and understands that she mustn’t open the door whilst the car is moving and even stopped. When we go shopping etc, she waits for me to either say that she can get out of the car, or for me to go around to her side, open the door and let her out. I need to know that if I am ever in such an awful, dangerous situation, that M-L can get out, can get to safety. As it is, it scares me to even think that I might be in a situation like that with all 3 of my children in the car with me, 2 of which are still in full on baby seats. But sadly it is something that I must think about, be prepared for.

So with the angels watching over me and my family whilst we travel on our South African roads, I am at peace with my decision.



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