there is no day off from parenting

With both Mother’s and Father’s day done and dusted, I feel that I need to raise a pertinent point; there is no day off from parenting. Whilst we as parents long for an entire day just to ourselves, to sleep in, watch a movie or 3, go to the bathroom in peace or to not have to answer every Why question out there, it will never happen.

Why you ask? I have a wonderful wife/husband/partner who gives me the ‘day off’, especially on the above-mentioned days. Well I’ll tell you why.

You can’t have a day off from being a parent, because once you become a parent, your heart now lives outside your body. So whilst your partner may have taken the kids for some ice-cream or to the beach, park etc, you’re constantly thinking to yourself:

1. I hope he/she keeps an eye on them
2. I hope that they don’t mind me checking up on them (every 10mins in my case)
3. I wonder if they took jackets?
4. It looks like rain; I wonder if the umbrella is still in the car?
5. I must remember to sign the permission slip for Suzie’s excursion
6. I wonder if Jack picked up his toys like I asked him to
7. Did they brush their teeth before leaving the house?
8. I wonder what’s for dinner?
9. I wonder if my partner has thought about dinner?
10. The thought of fighting with the kids over eating their vegetables…

And so the list could go on and on and on.

But I’m tired of seeing posts up every Mother’s and Father’s day saying “I hope you get the day off!”

Because how can I, when my heart is outside of my body, in my 3 little blessings?



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