counting my blessings

I am a very blessed woman. I may not be wealthy, or have some of the creature comforts that others do, but I’m blessed. I have 3 beautiful, healthy children, all 3 of which were able to leave the hospital when I left.

I’ve made friends with a couple via Instagram, and then Facebook. We came to know each other through our Instagram accounts, as we were both expecting twins! Whilst I have never struggled with fertility (my husband and I just look at each other, and BOOM) this couple struggled for 14 years, before their dream was finally realised, and on Wednesday the 3rd of June, their beautiful twins were born. They were born at 35 weeks, and whilst had no major medical issues (that I’m aware of), they were moved straight into the NICU and fitted with feeding tubes.

When Mama H was discharged, she had to leave her beautiful miracles behind, and that is where I count my blessings. Whilst she knew that she would be taking her babies home soon, she didn’t know when, and had to go home with an emptiness inside of her. I don’t know how she did it; I’m not sure that I would have coped mentally with a situation like that. All 3 of my babies left hospital with me; I didn’t have to leave my heart at the door when I went home.

But the best news flitted across social media yesterday; baby H was discharged! My heart melted when I saw her all snug in her car seat, and then later with Daddy F snuggling with her at home. His one response to someone’s comment: “I’m in love”. Baby J should be following his sister this weekend, and I’m waiting with baited excitement for that announcement!

This story has a happy ending, and whilst I don’t know H & F, i couldn’t be happier for them.

I am a blessed woman.



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