all the tireds this morning

When you have babies, lack of sleep is a given. I forgot just how much of a given it is *yawn* I have had several nights of pretty awful sleep, but these last 2 nights have really had it in for me *yawn*.

Wednesday night – the twins went down around 6-6:30pm, their normal time. They BOTH then woke up at 11:30pm (wtf?!) *yawn*, then again at 2am *yawn* and then again at 4am *double yawn*. It was at this stage that I thought my eyeballs were going to roll backwards through my head. 6am arrived *yawn* and I had to get up. The twins hadn’t slept since 4am. As I left for work, they fell asleep. Mmmm. *yawn*

Thursday night aka last night aka I-NEED-SLEEP – the twins went down at about 7pm, a bit later than usual but it’s happened before and didn’t have much impact. Well, M woke up at 00:30am *yawn* and when I finally put her down in her cot just before 1:30am *yawn* and crawled back into my nice warm, comfy bed, A decided that it was his turn. Cue me squinting my eyes whilst stumbling back to the cot *yawn*. I managed to get him settled, after I’d changed and fed him, and as I put him back into the cot *yawn* M decided that it was her turn again. I think it was about 3am *yawn*. I managed to get M settled quite quickly, but I shit you not, A woke up. Again. I ended up snuggling in my bed with him, bottle in tow *yawn* and he fed until he dozed off. Yay I thought; I can sleep with A, snuggling him. I should be so lucky. As A was really settling into his sleep, M moaned. And moaned. And moaned. *yawn* And so I got up. Again. It was now about 4am. A was lying quietly next to me in bed, and I could not get M settled. I tried bouncing her, feeding her, cuddling her; she wasn’t interested. Anyway, 5am came and went *yawn* and she quietened down. She didn’t fall asleep, but just sat in my lap (I was lying back against my pillows with my knees up and had her sitting on my tummy with her back up against my knees) playing with her hands. And then she started again. *yawn*. 6am arrived, and up I got.

I am on cup 3 of coffee, and apart from a mean caffeine headache I could put my head down on my desk right now and sleep the day away!

I just have to remember that this stage doesn’t last forever.

But right now, it feels like it has!




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