I was chatting to a colleague a short while ago about my previous blog post. I told him that I’m really struggling to come to terms with what happened, to make sense of it, of which I can’t. He then mentioned that a friend forwarded him a blog link, for a blog that their Pastor had started, about the loss of his 15 month old son.

I shouldn’t have clicked the link.

But in a way I’m glad I did. This is a man of faith, who is struggling with what happened to his family, especially since he feels responsible, as he was the one who left the pool gate open. Upon reading his first entry, he asked for guidance, for words, for anything to help him understand why. Why. Why. No one has yet commented on any of his posts; his blog was 1 month old yesterday. That’s how long he’s been without his baby.

I don’t know what both my colleague or this Pastor are going through, and I hope that I never do. Thinking about losing one of my children… I can’t even. But I’m asking each and everyone of you who reads this post, to head on over to this man’s blog, and leave a comment. It doesn’t have to be a long comment, perhaps you can even offer him words of sympathy, or God forbid, empathy, but this is a broken man, and he needs support, in every which way and form.



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