the man-cave

When we moved into our place at the end of August 2011, the upstairs became the husband’s ‘spot’ aka ‘the man-cave’. With his job he works out of home a lot, so his man-cave also incorporated his office. The man-cave consisted of a whole bunch of rubbish as far as I was concerned; bits and bobs, and stuff that should have never have been kept! I wouldn’t call the husband a hoarder, but he definitely has hoarding tendencies! He likes to keep things, because he knows he can use it at a later stage, even though it’s utter trash!

When we discovered that we were having twins, we made the decision to move our bedroom upstairs. Our house has 3 bedrooms; 2 downstairs and then the 1 upstairs which was the husband’s domain. The 2 rooms downstairs were too small to have us and the twins, or our daughter and the twins in it, so we decided to move all of our beds upstairs, so that the 5 of us would be sleeping upstairs. Our old bedroom became the spare room, and our daughter’s room became her playroom.

Looking back on what used to be upstairs, and what is upstairs now, I cannot help but giggle.

Remote control car parts have been replaced with breast pads, remote control airplane parts with nappies, screwdrivers with breast pumps, tool boxes with a cot, his mini car collection with baby clothes and his bathroom supply cupboard has been stacked with maternity pads and baby soap!

He’s taken it very well; his office is now in the front entrance of our house which we don’t use (our house was designed weirdly) and I’m presently sitting at his computer (albeit very uncomfortably) typing this post. His comfy desk chair has been replaced with a bar stool, as his computer now sits on the bar and no longer on his desk! The reason for this? There is simply no space! He doesn’t mind as he’s tall and lanky and it suits him, however I personally hate it! That’s also one of the reasons I haven’t been posting so much; I can’t stand sitting at his computer anymore!

We’ve been living here for the past 3 years and 7 months, and it’s only been in the last 3 months that I’ve actually utilised the upstairs of our house! It honestly did make more sense moving everything upstairs, as with the small bathroom that’s there, it does make the twins’ bath time a whole lot easier. If we were downstairs, I’d have to carry naked babies through the house once they were bathed!

I’m sure the husband will have a man-cave again.

Just not anytime soon!



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