naming the twins

What’s in a name?

The husband and I (although we rarely agree on much) agree on naming our children; no ‘funny, ridiculous’ names, no names that can be shortened to something horrible (kids can be nasty) and a name must be strong, something for our children to look up to.

In naming the twins, I chose the girl’s name, and he chose the boy’s name. I tried so hard to get him to go with my boy’s name, but alas, he didn’t! We named our son Alexander Philip, and our daughter Madeleine Elizabeth, all family names, and all strong names. We call them Alex and Maddie, as their legal names are just there for paperwork purposes. As much as I didn’t like Alexander to begin with, I’ve actually come around and I do like it now 🙂 Not that it made any difference, as they have already been registered with those names!

Which brings me to what happened when we registered the twins; first off it took 4, yes 4 attempts to even get them registered, and then when I finally was successful, the rude Home Affairs woman misspelt his second name, spelling it Philip with 2 l’s instead of 1. So Phillip instead of Philip. It’s going to take 2 weeks to rectify, but what frustrates me is that I tried to look at her computer screen to ensure that she had typed it out correctly, and she was so rude to me, telling me that I wasn’t allowed to look at her computer screen, and that if everyone could look at it then she’d have a big screen! I then told her that I just wanted to make sure that she was spelling Philip correctly, to which she responded with “I can read”. Well quite honestly she couldn’t, because she spelt it wrong! So so annoying! Now it’s yet another trip to Home Affairs to get his correct birth certificate in about 2 weeks or so.

But, that has been the only grey spot in the last 2 weeks; long may it last!



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      1. Because nothing says gracious like being a dick about correcting your own damned mistake. Jeebus.


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