dear sean abbott

Before Tuesday the 25th of November 2014, I didn’t know who you were. Heck, I didn’t even know that you existed. But then, neither did I know Phillip Hughes, the man whose life your bouncer took. Yes, that sounds harsh. But that is a fact. What is also a fact, is that it was a freak accident. It wasn’t planned, premeditated. How many hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of bouncers have been bowled throughout the years that the game of cricket has been alive? Too many to count, and because of the dangers that a bouncer possesses, the ICC (International Cricket Board) has rules in place regarding the frequency that a bouncer can be used during an over, a test match, ODI, T20 etc.

Sean, whilst the victim of this tragedy is of course Phillip Hughes, and the impact that his sudden, tragic passing will have on his family, friends, loved ones and the cricketing world, one cannot forget you. I have seen the footage of when Phillip fell to the pitch, and how you cradled him, the look of fear, remorse, pain etched into your eyes, on your face. The fact that you visited him in hospital on Wednesday, how his family have spoken to you, should hopefully help you find comfort in the fact, that this was nothing more than a tragic, freak accident. All of your teammates, even members of the cricketing fraternity throughout the world have shown their support for you. Sean, I hope that you can find comfort in the coming days. Whilst this will not be easy, the world has forgiven you when there was nothing to forgive. You need to start considering forgiving yourself.

No, I don’t know if Sean Abbott is in fact struggling with the events of Tuesday, but all of the news reports that I have read have only painted him in a positive light, and Sean Abbott is human; to not be battling with something like this tragedy, even though accidental is almost unheard of. Sean, I really do hope that whatever decision you make in your cricketing career, that it is the right one, and that you are able to live your life with your head held high.

I came across the below cartoon on twitter, by a fantastic Indian cartoonist Satish Acharya, and I think that it is highly apt:

Satish Acharya
Satish Acharya



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