part 1 of mocking the jay

It’s been a while since I did a movie review (thanks MNet movies 😉 ) but last Wednesday I was a part of the pre-screening release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I had entered to win tickets via MNet Movies about 2-3 weeks prior to the screening, and had seriously forgotten about it, until my mom, husband and I all received emails stating that we’d each won 2 tickets! 6 tickets to one of the most highly anticipated movie releases of the year, AND it was a pre-screening! After putting together a group of 6, off we went to Gateway Shopping Centre in Umhlanga, and a pretty darn cool evening was had.


I am a bookworm. Well, I was. I honestly haven’t picked up a book in years, probably close on a decade. Shocking I know *hangs head in shame*. Normally when a movie comes out that is based on a book, or a series of books, I always read the books first, as I then compare the book to the movie and vice versa. Well, I unfortunately haven’t read The Hunger Games books yet, and I actually haven’t even seen the second move, Catching Fire, even though I have the dvd at home. Shocking, I know… What I really liked about Mockingjay Part 1 is that it kinda didn’t matter. It did help that I’ve seen The Hunger Games, so I at least knew who all of the main characters were, and it was also quite different, as in this film, all of the glitz and glamour and vanity wasn’t there. Which made sense, because the remaining districts, which are pretty much 13 and well, 13, are trying to overthrow The Capitol.

It dragged a little for me in the first say 40 minutes of the movie, because Katniss is feeling so guilty about leaving Peeta behind at the Quarter Quell at the end of Catching Fire, and that’s what the film focusses on, but this movie definitely did not lack action! From The Capitol ordering the utter destruction of District 8 (I think – oops) to Katniss seeing the destruction brought upon her home of District 12, I was definitely kept entertained throughout the film.

I loved, and I mean LOVED the drawing of the Mockingjay outfit; when Katniss put it on I was like, whaaat? But again, the glitz and glamour of the first Hunger Games movie wasn’t present in this film, and it did make sense. And as for Jennifer Lawrence’s acting skills; damn girl! Having not yet seen Catching Fire, I have only seen her portray the phenomenally strong Katniss in the first Hunger Games film; in Mockingjay Part 1 she was 2 apples short of a fruit basket! But then again, after seeing her in Silver Linings Playbook, maybe she’s better at those sorts of roles? Just saying 😉

And as for the ending of the film – OMG. Just OMG.

Overall, I really did enjoy the film, and it was worth the exceptionally late night 🙂 I am rather excited for Part 2 to come out, and seeing as I haven’t read the books yet, that says a lot!

So thanks MNet Movies; see you at the next pre-screening!



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