my fingers are tired

This is actually a positive post. I’m just so emotionally drained and physically exhausted that it may come across a bit negative. Or a lot negative. But something negative.

On Friday last week, I received a little bit of positive news. The wonderful lady that has been assisting my husband and I with regards to vehicle finance since August, e-mailed me saying that she thinks that she MIGHT be able to assist us. I informed the husband, and we spent the weekend not being positive, but not being entirely negative either. We’ve heard no after no after no for the past 2.5 months, so at this stage, another no wouldn’t have actually done much. I think I’m so emotionally dead inside with regards to this whole situation, but it was awesome to read that someone just might be able to assist.

I phoned the lady this morning at about 11am after waiting (rather impatiently) for her to e-mail me (which she didn’t) and she told me that on Friday the deal was pre-approved, but today it had come back declined. I just said oh. Without any emotion. Just oh. She then said that she was still working on it, and that it wasn’t a final decision. Anyway, about an hour (maybe longer) later, she asked me to call her (via e-mail) and she told me that the deal was now approved, however it wasn’t for the R146k that we’d asked for, but for R99.5k. That is the most that Wesbank will finance my husband for (last December they financed him for R130k, but anyway…). What this means is that the car that we had found back in August, that is still sitting with our dealership, we can’t buy as we don’t have the R50k odd to put in. And so the great search began. Again.

I spoke to the husband, informed him of the situation, and he said to me that even if we end up in the same model Merc that we had, he’s happy. Even though Lizzy wasn’t going to be big enough (technically) we were going to be driving her until the end of next year anyway. So off I went looking. And surprisingly enough I have found 5-7 C-Class Merc’s ranging from R70-R100k that we could purchase. The awesome thing about the dealership that we have gone through, is that they do buy cars from other dealerships and from private sellers, and they do all of the legwork, all of the inspections etc. I think most dealerships do, but I am very slightly biased towards our dealership. So I have sent our rep all of the links (the cars I found are all online) and he has said to leave it to him; he will sort it out.

I doubt that I’ll be back in a car this week, but at least I know that I will be back in a car. I have done so much online searching, and vehicle research and phoning and e-mailing and I’m just really tired now.

I know that life is all about the lessons, but wow. This has certainly been a life lesson that I don’t intend relearning.



6 Replies to “my fingers are tired”

      1. I’m like you there. I don’t get excited before as I always somehow get disappointed.

        But I am just going to carry on believing that something great is going to happen for you!!!!

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