i am where i am supposed to be

Today’s Daily Prompt is quite a thought provoker; a time machine that comes in only 2 models – travel to the past or the future, not both.

A fellow blogger wrote pretty much what I wanted to write; I wouldn’t choose either time machine.

Yes, life isn’t today what I thought it would be 15 years ago. I’m broke, car-less, in debt, pregnant with twins, have strained family relationships, and am permanently looking for things to smile about because smiling is so rare for me these days.


Even though I am not where I wanted to be, or even dreamed I would be 15 years ago, I have been taken on this journey, or rather have chosen this journey because I have obviously been destined for the life lessons that I have learnt over the past years.

I actually wrote a post about going back in time a while back, which too is apt for this prompt.

So time-machine-maker-people; you can keep your 2 model time machines.

I’ll quite happily stay put in the present.


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