still looking for the silver lining

At the end of July I had a car accident, which resulted in my insurance company writing off our car. As it stands right now, 67 days after the accident, we still do not have a replacement car. Just over a week after the accident, friends of ours lent me their spare car, which was an absolute Godsend, however I had to return it back to them this past Saturday, which has effectively left me car-less again. We have tried every major bank in South Africa to get vehicle finance for our replacement car, but none are interested. You see, sourcing a replacement car is not the problem; the finance is. And it’s not because my husband is lousy with money or has a bad credit rating, it all boils down to how he receives his salary every month.

My husband’s bank statements show a monthly income that would allow him to purchase a vehicle through vehicle finance, however, his salary deposit every month, is a pathetic amount. Why you ask? Because his boss is doing things under the table to pretty much avoid the tax man, which has now screwed us. My husband receives about a 1/3 of his salary EFT’d into his bank account, and the balance as cash in his hand. He doesn’t receive a payslip, he doesn’t get UIF or PAYE contributions, and if his work were to close tomorrow, we’d be screwed, because he cannot even go and claim UIF, however piddly the payout would be. Because of this, we cannot get a car.

A lot of people have told me to ‘just go and buy a cheap car to get around in’ but they are just not getting it. There is no point in doing that, because (a) we don’t have the cash to do that, and (b) in 3 and a bit months time, we’re going to have 3 children; space is a necessity! My father-in-law has been really great; setting up meetings with his banker to try and get my husband finance, but last week he was told yet another no. But then when my husband phones his dad to give him an update and then my father-in-law phoned the bank, all of sudden he was told to resubmit everything for them to look at again. I mean seriously?! I do not understand the banking system, and honestly why should I; I have never worked in that sector. But I don’t understand how one person at the bank can say no, and then another person (obviously a bit higher up in the hierarchy) can say ‘let me see what I can do’.

I’m so tired of all of this, and not just because sleep is a very distant memory. I am emotionally drained from this whole situation. I had the car accident; I put my family into this situation. I have tried everything that I can to get us out of it; I have asked for loans, I have asked for friends and family to do the finance in their name and I even contacted my dad for financial assistance, which is something that I really didn’t want to do, as we’re still working on repairing our broken relationship. If I could get car finance believe me, I would. But I’m stuck for the next 2 years or so as I finally get rid of my debt. It’s just a really crappy situation, and I am struggling to find the silver lining in it all. A lesson it has been, believe me. But lesson learnt you know?

Anyway, the day has begun; let me attempt some work.



7 Replies to “still looking for the silver lining”

  1. I’m really sorry that you have to go through this. I know that no amounts of words could even begin to make you feel better. I am holding thumbs that something works out for you soon, very soon!

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      1. I can just imagine. Well I am holding thumbs that October is your good news month. It frustrates me that some bosses do not realise what they do to their employees!


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