to my grandfather

I never knew you. You took your last breath just over 6 years before I took my first one. I’ve seen photos of you and whenever you’ve been spoken about, it’s only been positive.

But I wish I’d known you.

I wish I’d known the man who raised my father and aunt, who married my wonderful grandmother, had a successful legal firm, and provided for his family.

I wish I’d known the man who instilled the values and respect into my father and aunt. The same values and respect that have been instilled in me. And the same that I’m instilling in my daughter, and 2 unborn children.

I wish I’d known the man who happily took the family station wagon to work every day, even though there was a company provided, chaffeur driven vehicle at his beck and call.

I wish I’d known the man who gave his family everything that he could.

I wish I’d known what I would have called you instead of grandfather.

But most of all…

I wish I’d known you.


Written in response to The Daily Prompt


4 Replies to “to my grandfather”

    1. I briefly met my maternal grandfather in 2003/4 when he visited from the UK. My mom had gone her entire adult life without knowing him, and he sadly passed away last August. But I can’t say that I ‘knew’ him, as for the 5 or so weeks that he spent with us, I was working and the majority of his time was spent with my mom.

      But I agree; it would have been great to find out for myself how wonderful my grandfather was, instead of just hearing it from those who knew him.


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