just one question?

I am a complex person. As is most of the human race. To try and determine whether or not you like a person with just one question, is unfair. However, pick your nose in front of me, be unjustly rude to a waitron, cashier or any other person in the service industry ‘just because you can’, be cruel to an animal or child and other delightful traits like that, pretty much means that I won’t like you. Even if we’ve never even said a single word to each other.

But the very one question that would determine if we could build up a friendship?

“Please sit down – hope you don’t mind the dog hair?”

Now that’s not actually a question. It’s more of a statement, because I quite honestly do not care if you mind the dog hair or not. You’re a guest in my home; my pets aren’t. You’re a potential friend in my life; my pets are my children. And so on and so forth.

So please, come on in and take a seat.

Hope you don’t mind the dog hair.



9 Replies to “just one question?”

    1. Haha – my post made it out to be way worse than it is; the couches are cleaned 3 times a week so it’s not all that bad, but it’s not a normal day in my life if I don’t leave the house with at least 3 dog hairs on my clothes 🙂

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  1. Love this. And love your dog hair test. My mother in law would NEVER sit on my sofa. I’d understand if i was dirty or messy or if my house smelled. But I’m a very clean person, but I have a little dog that sheds and I allow her to sit and enjoy the sofa like the rest of the family. Mother in law is not allergic. Needless to say, this was indicative of many worse things to come. I currently have a judgement out on her via the legal system. BAM!!! Clearly, this is a perfect way to gauge people. I’m calling it the dog hair standard.


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