i’m ok with the hand-me-downs

2009; my daughter was both conceived and born.

2009; I learnt how generous family, friends and colleagues could be.

The only new things that were purchased for my daughter’s impending birth (and I’m only mentioning the big, expensive things) were:

a pram
a changing table

The rest was all given to us! From newborn bath tubs to bags of clothes, 3 different sized car seats, toys, packs of unused disposable nappies, toiletries, etc, we were incredibly blessed by the generosity of those around us.

I'm finally past that "is she pregnant or just fat" stage!
I’m finally past that “is she pregnant or just fat” stage!

This time around, it’s sort of the same story, but as there are 2 little people growing inside of me we do still need to buy a couple of things like, another pram, another car seat etc. But because I kept most of the things from when my daughter was born, it’s not that much of a stress. I’ve already been offered so much from my colleagues that I’m truly blown away! At the rate that babies grow, I don’t see the need to go out and buy millions of new outfits, because knowing my luck, they’ll end up wearing them once or twice and then they won’t fit anymore. I happily shopped at second baby stores when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I will be happily shopping at them again this time around. I’ve found that second hand stores, especially second hand baby supply stores stock some really decent things, and if you’re just prepared to spend a little extra time looking, you can find some real gems.

So thank-you Daily Prompt, for reminding me to be thankful for the hand-me-downs in my life.



10 Replies to “i’m ok with the hand-me-downs”

  1. I realized yesterday how friends of mine had influences my perception of hand me downs. A work colleagues ‘gifted’ some of her sons ‘old’ clothing to another, tonnes of stuff including shoes that hadn’t even been worn. It’s amazing to know that people are still so generous!


    1. It’s crazy how some people perceive hand-me-downs hey. I’m so grateful for all of the ‘stuff’ that I’ve been given, and it’s crazy how much of it was actually brand new, never been used, still in the box or still had its tags on! I have been given 3 bags of clothes for MYSELF from 2 of my colleagues, and I’ve happily accepted them each time. I too offer all of my seconds to those who need them, and I must happily admit that they’ve never been frowned upon.


  2. It is even more amazing that in this generation of throw them aways, people are still wonderful enough to use hand me downs. I love this prompt and the response above reminded me of how much use there still is in many things.


    1. I agree. As the oldest child, I very rarely got hand-me-downs, but it did happen on the rare occasion from my older cousin. I’ve been brought up (I’m only 28) to graciously accept any gift, whether it be new or not, because just because someone no longer has a use for a thing, or an item of clothing, it doesn’t mean that its lifespan is over 🙂


    1. M-L also has bags of clothes from her older cousin that are about 5 years too big for her, but they’re there, ready and waiting! When my nephew was born last August, I happily handed my sister all of M-L’s old Dr Brown’s bottles and bags of clothes from her, as when you’re a newborn, it doesn’t really matter what you wear! As she was unemployed, she was so thankful for everything, and it made me feel all warm and gooey inside 🙂


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