the orca is walking

I have been called quite a few names in my life. Some names have been pleasant, and some not so pleasant. Luckily my wild teenage years are far behind me, so I haven’t heard any unpleasant names in a while! My husband on the other hand, has a whole book full of names that he has called me, and the ironic thing, is that he doesn’t mean it in the way that it comes out.

Last Saturday he treated M-L and I to a Wimpy breakfast. I love Wimpy. I always have. I love the cheap tomato sauce, the cappuccino’s, the salty bacon and the whole atmosphere. It’s like a little diner to me. It was a wonderful morning; we sat and chatted, the husband played snakes and ladders with M-L, I enjoyed my second cappuccino in 3.5 months (I’m kinda off instant coffee at the moment) and it was just awesome, relaxing. When we arrived, he was on his cell to his mom. At some point during the conversation, his mom asked if I was showing yet, to which he glanced up at me and said the following:

“The orca is walking.”

His next comment:

“It’s ok ma, I can run fast.”

It was during his second comment that I asked him if he was referring to me as an orca. He shook his head and grinned. As it turns out, he WAS referring to me as an orca, as calling me a whale was too rude. Um dude, an orca IS a whale! Now a normal woman would probably have thrown her toys out of the cot, burst into tears and walked out of the restaurant. I on the other hand couldn’t stop laughing as I tried to hit him from across the table. I’m quite laid back about my appearance and my weight; I know that I have some weight to lose (but I’m pregnant so I don’t really care right now) and I know that I could put a bit more effort into my daily routine. I then reminded him of last year, when he told me that I should have bought a bigger dress, and then earlier this year when he referred to me as a milk cow in a horse race. We both then almost collapsed into a heap of giggles, whilst M-L was looking at us most probably thinking “how am I related to these two?!”

15 weeks today :) (spot the princess)
15 weeks today πŸ™‚ (spot the princess)

But on a happier note, I am ‘officially’ 15 weeks pregnant today, and I’ve started feeling ‘flutterings’. I don’t feel them all the time, and sometimes I really do have to analyse the feeling, as in some cases it’s gas (oops). Most of the time I feel the babies when I’m sitting on my couch after supper, just watching tv, relaxed. As much as I detested being pregnant with M-L, the one thing that I really do miss, is feeling her move inside of me. I was very fortunate, in that she never hurt me; she never kicked my ribs or back or kidneys, but she did interfere with a nerve in my groin for the last 2 months of my pregnancy which left me in utter agony, and true’s bob it’s happened again, although much earlier this time.

I have my next check up on Monday the 15th of September, when I’ll be 1 day shy of 17 weeks. I’m really hoping that we’ll be able to find out the sexes of the babies, as I’m not one of those women who can wait until the birth. I want to know NOW! I’m really hoping for 1 of each and the husband would love to have 3 daughters (I think I’ll cry) but right now, with all of the stress that I’ve been experiencing; thinking I was having a miscarriage, car accidents, insurance, finance houses etc (no we still don’t have a replacement car 1 month later) I just want the twins to be healthy. M-L has said that she really wants a brother and a sister and I really hope that her wish comes true. I must admit (not that I believe in any of this stuff, kinda, no not really, ok maybe) but I’ve pretty much gone off of sweet things. Apparently this means I’m having at least 1 boy, but with M-L I craved spicy food in my first trimester, and then lived on vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce for the remaining 2 trimesters! But I am even finding my tea too sweet, and I have that with 2 flat sugars. I even said no to pudding the other night! The other thing I’ve noticed is that I have to force myself to eat, because I have 2 little beings inside of me; my appetite has just disappeared. Everyone is asking if my appetite is increased, you know eating for 3! – but it honestly hasn’t. I’m a little worried but I’m not; my gynae is happy with my weight even though I’ve lost 100g each time I’ve seen him. We’ll see what he has to say when I see him in 2 weeks time.

Oh and wait; there’s more! At my last appointment 2 weeks ago, I asked about the scheduled c-section date, when he wants to take the babies out. All of the research that I’ve done has pointed towards a planned c-section at 36 weeks with twins. He very calmly said no, he wants me to go to 39 weeks. I actually didn’t know what to say. I barely made it to 38 weeks with M-L, actually I didn’t as she was born at 37 weeks and 5 days (planned c-section) and this time around it’s going to be in the heat of summer, and I’m carrying 2 children! 39 weeks?! He’s said that we’ll deal with whatever happens (early labour, not making it to 39 weeks) as it comes, but seriously… 39 weeks… I’m so uncomfortable now, and I have 24 weeks to go! No, I don’t do pregnant well πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’d best be back to work seeing as I was off for 2.5 days last week with the most awful flu and viral infection, and being both pregnant and allergic to penicillin, I could practically see my GP laughing at me!



5 Replies to “the orca is walking”

  1. I love Wimpy as well……, mmm have your tried the Camomile and Rooibos tea blend from Fresh pack? It really does wonders for relaxation. (HUGS) to you.


  2. The twins made it 38 weeks. Their momma was huge. Baby A weight 5lbs14oz and Baby B weight 6lbs6oz. She was miserable those last few weeks. BUT, it was all totally worth it. Those boys are absolutely amazing.


    1. For 15 weeks along, I’m already quite big. Apparently at 6 month in, I’ll look full term. I’m really looking forward to that *sarcasm font*. I’m only 5ft nothing, so the heavier I get the more uncomfortable I get. I think that I was so uncomfortable with M-L in that last 2 months mainly because of the nerve in my groin, but I was also huge. Almost every person asked me if I was expecting twins, I was so large! I do of course want what’s best for the twins, so if I can get to 39 weeks then that’s great, but if I only make it to 34 weeks and onwards then that’s also ok. It’s before 34 weeks that worries me a bit, purely because their lungs might not be 100% developed. But at my last checkup my doctor was really happy with their growth as there was very minimal difference in size between the 2 (I know that there will always be a larger twin) and everything looked good; strong heartbeats and good movement. But 39 weeks in the heat of summer?! I don’t do summer AT ALL! I am a serious winter gal! But I’ll take it as it comes I ‘spose, not that I have a choice πŸ˜‰


      1. Nope. No choice at all. πŸ˜‰

        If you make it to 34 weeks you’ll be good. Anything after that is great. We had many more stress tests and appts with the twins since a multiple pregnancy automatically makes you high risk, so that’s something you can expect, too.


  3. You look amazing!! This photo is great, please frame it.
    Take it a day at a time, if your gynae sees you battling then he’ll change his mind, but rather not stress and see how it goes 😊


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