well i’m glad that weekend is over

Who the hell says that they’re glad that the weekend is over?  Me, for the past weekend.  Because it was one of the most draining, exhausting weekends I’ve had in a long while.

My wonderful weekend actually started on Thursday evening, when my daughter developed a rather high temperature, and wouldn’t settle.  I gave her pain and fever medication, but she tossed and turned and was incredible restless until about 02h30 on Friday morning, that when I eventually went and lay on the couch, I got maybe 2.5 hours sleep, as she then came through at about 05h00 to lie with me, and as she was so damn hot, I couldn’t get back to sleep.  This child had such a high temperature that I actually couldn’t touch her, because it felt like she was burning me.  It was awful.  I ended up dropping her at my mom’s, and she watched her for me on Friday whilst I was at work.

I contacted my mom just after lunch time, and she said that her temperature had dropped, but that she was still lethargic.  I checked up on her throughout the day, and she was sleeping each time I phoned.  When I went to fetch her, she was like a little rag doll;  absolutely exhausted, barely able to open her eyes and just wanted to sleep.  I took her temperature and it was sitting at 38.5˚c which is very high.  I gave her some pain and fever medication, waited 30mins and took it again;  38.9˚c.  As the GP was already closed, I decided to take her straight through to the emergency room at the hospital.  We got there just before 19h00 on Friday night, and when the admitting staff saw my daughter limp in my arms, they sent me directly to a bed with her, and a nurse was at her side almost immediately, taking her temperature, checking her blood sugar etc.  The doctor saw her just after 20h00 and decided to put in a drip, as it was the fastest way to get both pain and fever medication into her, as well as an antibiotic.  My poor princess knew exactly what was going to happen;  they were going to ‘pinch’ her hand.  They tried to put the drip in her right hand as they had pricked the finger on her left hand, but they eventually blew the vein as she kept moving, and after 2 attempts they decided to do it in her left hand.

It is one of the most awful things that a parent has to do;  intentionally inflict pain on your child for their benefit.  I ended up lying next to her, helping to hold her down, stroking her head, whispering comforting words to her, and she ended up not making a single peep when they inserted the drip into her left hand.  She pulled the most awful face – I almost ended up crying just looking at her, but the main thing is that they got the drip in and started the meds.

Sick princess - drip already in
Sick princess – drip already in

The meds needed 30mins to infuse, so they said that they would check on her in about an hour.  When they checked on her, her temp had actually gotten worse instead of going down, so instead of going home, I was told that she was going to be admitted.  Minor heart failure on my part!  As there were no beds at that hospital, they had arranged for an ambulance to take her to the other hospital down the road where they had a bed in pediatrics for her.  I think I was actually shell shocked;  I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t responding to the medication and that she was going to be admitted.  As it took a bit of time to arrange the paperwork and the ambulance, we were left alone for about another 30mins, and I noticed that she wasn’t so flushed anymore, and that she had stopped sweating.  She also felt quite a bit cooler to the touch.  I called the nurse and she took her temperature, and lo and behold, it had dropped by almost 2˚c!  We all agreed that the medication just needed some time to work its way through her system, and they let us go home.  It was a bit of a scary drive home, as it was close to midnight, I was exhausted from hardly any sleep the night before, and it was a good 40km drive back home, and I could feel my eyes dropping.  All I could think of was getting my daughter home safely, but I was concerned that I was going to fall asleep behind the wheel!  Luckily we made it, and I collapsed into bed.

Saturday she woke up feeling much better, although she had a nasty, chesty cough.  She and I stayed home the whole day and watched tv, and did puzzles as I didn’t want her over-exerting herself.  It was such an incredible change from the day before;  such a huge relief.  In the afternoon we went through to the shops to buy her a little toy for being brave the night before and all too soon it was bed time.

Sunday arrived and it was time for me to go to my second job (waitressing).  I had been asked to go in early due to a big booking coming in, and I did not stop the entire day.  You know that pregnant women get lower back pain?  Yeah well mine has hit really early, and by the time I got home yesterday I could barely walk;  in fact my legs almost gave in under me as the pain in my back was so immense.  I could also feel a cold coming on, and true’s bob, I woke up with morning with a full on head cold 😦 It just makes my intense back pain so much more awesome 😉

I’m extremely grateful that my daughter wasn’t admitted into hospital and that she’s on the mend, but I can’t do another weekend like this one anytime soon.  What makes it even worse is that I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and the back pain is just making it even worse.

So I’m a huge ball of sunshine today;  if you see me coming, best turn around and walk the other way 😉



10 Replies to “well i’m glad that weekend is over”

      1. Oh no I am sorry to hear that. Will they consider him for a personal loan and then perhaps use the loan to buy the car? I have sometimes found it easier to get a personal loan rather than other finance.


      2. Apart from a cough, M-L is so much better. I on the other hand have definitely felt better, and have now caught a cold, which is busy turning into the flu. And because I have 2 invaders in my belly, Panado Panado Panado! It kinda sucks lol! And I’ve just found out that I should stay away from Allergex, which is the only thing that helps my sinuses, because doctors are sure of how it reacts with pregnant woman.

        I am now laughing, because if I don’t I will cry, and I’ve done enough of that lately!

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      3. Glad M-L is better. I hope that you will get better soon and that you are able to get some rest.

        I wish you an evening filled with lots of rest and relaxation and lots of laughter.

        May the rain stop and the sun shine brightly on you tomorrow.


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