the expendables 3

A while ago I wrote a post about tough guys, the action guys of old, wondering where the hell they’d all disappeared to, and then lo and behold, The Expendables franchise came out!  I love action movies;  I love fight sequences, I love big guns and loud explosions.  And I especially love Sly Stallone.  At 60 plus years old, the man just gets better with age.

Last week Thursday, my mom and I went off to Gateway Shopping Centre in Umhlanga, as I’d won 2 tickets to see The Expendables 3 through MNet Movies, and it was just what I needed.  I must admit, I was a bit disappointed that Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris weren’t in this instalment of the franchise, but it was still a good movie.  It opened with action, and it ended with action!  There was also some comedy thrown in, which just made it that much better.  And as for Kellan Lutz?  Gone are his sparkly vampire days;  he kicked some serious butt in this movie, WITHOUT the help of his fangs!

Wesley Snipes was also a fantastic addition to the cast, apart from the fact that his character should be locked away in an insane asylum and the key thrown away!  I haven’t seen him in a movie recently, and it actually took a second or so for me to recognise him with his wild eyes, afro and man beard, but he played the part brilliantly.

I must sadly admit that Harrison Ford hasn’t aged very well…  He’s still sexy-ish, but he’s definitely not the gorgeous Indiana Jones anymore!  Although I will credit his helicopter scenes;  they were beyond phenomenal!

And as for Antonio Banderas…  If you go and see this film – Puss in Boots!  You’ll know it when you see it 🙂

What I also really enjoyed about the 3rd instalment, is that they mixed the old school way of doing things ((skop, skiet en dorner) for the non South African;  kick, shoot and beat up) with a modern twist;  gadgets and devices and all of those awesome little things that make being an international team for hire all that more thrilling!

Overall it was an awesome movie, with some rather sexy ‘mature’ men and I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂


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