i forgot

On the 9th of July, it was 3 years since my Gogo (grandmother in isiZulu) passed away.  And I forgot.  I don’t know how I forgot;  she is constantly in my thoughts, I knew the 3rd anniversary of her passing was coming up.  And then today, I realised that I had totally forgotten about it.

My gran was one of the healthiest people that I’ve ever known.  She walked on a daily basis, she ate healthily, watched her cholesterol and lived an overall healthy lifestyle.  She emigrated to the UK in July 2009;  I saw her for the last time on the 19th of July and she flew out on the 20th.  She passed away from bowel cancer on the 9th of July, 2011.  I had seen her once or twice since 2009 via Skype, and then we had emailed as well, but it wasn’t the same.  She also saw M-L once via Skype, when she was about 4-6 months old, I’m not too sure of the dates.  But I forgot about the anniversary.  How could I forget?

I’m not that great with people’s birthdays (thanks Facebook 🙂 ) but  for some morbid reason, I’m really good with death dates.

24 October 2000 – my Nana passed away (cancer)
24 July 2004 – my ex-boyfriend’s (now dear friend) mom passed away (cancer)
14 June 2008 – a school friend was murdered in a hijacking (shot in her chest)
09 July 2011 – my Gogo passed away (cancer)

Perhaps it was due to everything happening in my life at the moment;  on the 3rd anniversary I was pregnant, but we didn’t know that it was twins but even still it was weighing on my mind.  Financial stress, car stress, but none of those factors should have allowed me to forget such an important date.  I cannot allow my life to overshadow the other things going on around me.

Gog’s, I think about you almost every single day.  I miss you, and I love you dearly.

I’ll be seeing you.



3 Replies to “i forgot”

  1. It’s the “pregnancy brain”.

    My heartfealt condolences to you for all those losses.
    Cancer 😦
    Hijacking! 😦 The crime rate, really very horrible.

    (Hugs) to you.


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