i’m a baaaaad momma

Last week Friday I had to leave home earlier than normal, because I had agreed to fetch my one manager from a car dealership where he was dropping his car off for a service.  This meant that I had to leave at 06h30 at the very latest.  At the moment, it’s only just starting to get light at 06h30, so you can only imagine how un-light it is at 06h15, which is when I woke M-L to have a bath.

Now I’d had a quick shower before running her bath. Well I thought it was a quick shower, because when I ran her bath, it was bordering on arctic.  Actually it was lukewarm, but by the time she got into it, yup, it was cold.  I felt so awful;  my poor child sat shivering in the bath whilst I washed her quickly, this ‘how-could-you-do-this-to-me-mommy’ look on her face.  5 minutes prior to her bath, she was tucked up warm in bed!  As I was rinsing her off, she asked me through chattering teeth, “am I going to Nana’s house today mommy?” to which I had to continue to be a bad mommy, and say no;  you’re going to school.  Oh the look on her face just broke my heart!  A cold bath and then not going to Nana’s house – most definitely not my best mommy moment!

M-L loves school, but she loves her Nana’s house more.  Yesterday I took a day’s leave, and I asked her whilst we were lazing in bed if she wanted to stay home with me, or if she’d like to go to school.  Yup.  She chose school.  She then promptly reminded me about the ‘cold’ bath that I ran last week, as I was drying her off from her bath yesterday.

Baaaaaad momma.  Bad, bad momma!



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