i can’t describe this anger

I am an animal lover. No, this isn’t a post about animal abuse, or being vegan (which I’m not), but you need to know that I’m an animal lover. I’m so much of an animal lover, that when my husband wouldn’t allow our 2 smaller dogs onto the couch a few weeks back (he was in a mood) I promptly got off the couch and sat with them on the floor for about 20mins.IMG_20140620_190404

When my husband and I decided to find our own place in 2011, our priorities about our new home were the same; it had to be pet friendly, with enough space for our 4 legged kids to roam around comfortably in. And as luck would have it, we found a great place, 7km up from my mom’s, with MORE than enough space for our kids.

What angers me, what infuriates me, what makes me want to physically assault people, is when I read classifieds, or see fliers put up for people URGENTLY looking for a good home for their ‘BELOVED’ pet, because they’re moving and can’t take them with them. I’m sorry, but what? Oh, you’re ‘heartbroken’ and ‘only the best home will do’. Surely your home, your pet’s home, is the best home? It sickens me that you have made the decision to move into a place that does not accommodate animals, and that you obviously do not think that your animals complete your family. Without my pets, I wouldn’t be whole. My husband and I are still battling with the loss of Axle, our 4 legged boy, who left us so suddenly on July 24th, 2012. We made it a prerequisite that our new home would be pet friendly, and it wasn’t that hard to find a place that was within our budget, that had everything that we needed. Now, with person no 2 on the way, we’re actually short a room in our house, but are not moving because a) we are happy where we are, b) M-L will share her room with her sibling and c) I doubt that we would find anything within our budget, that had enough space for the 4 of us PLUS our 4 legged children. Oh, and our 10’s of rabbits. And our koi. And our pigs. And our one chicken. And and and.

I do understand that it’s not that clear cut; sometimes things happen and you are stuck for choice and absolutely have to move. But I also believe that some people just give up too easily; advertise their ‘wonderful, part-of-the-family’ pets too quickly. I myself had a ‘moment’ earlier this year; Daisy, my Daschund x Jack Russell attacked and killed one of my baby rabbits, a very special rabbit and I absolutely lost it. I even went so far as to advertise her ‘for free’ on Facebook, to ‘a loving home’. I almost instantly regretted my decision, as at the end of the day, Daisy did what was natural to her. It’s like when we adopted Daisy last February, and she ‘attacked’ the husband a few days into having her, and he phoned me absolutely fuming, telling me to find another home for her blah blah blah, and then about 3 hours later he phoned me back, saying that again, it wasn’t Daisy’s fault; she was in a new environment, new animals, new smells, and her family for the past 4 years was no longer there. Yes, the husband and Daisy still have their moments, but it’s so much better now, because we gave it some time.

A pet is a lifetime commitment; THEIR lifetime, not yours. And that brings me to another point; if something were to happen to you today, tomorrow, next week or next year, are your pets taken care of? Mine aren’t, and that scares the bejeezus out of me. Pets are so cute and cuddly and awesome and wonderful when they’re young, but they too grow old. They too get joint pain, they too go grey. They too feel the pain of losing a loved one, trust me, I know. Your pet gives you their absolute; why don’t you?

If your pet is not one of the priorities in your life, are you sure you’re ready for one?



3 Replies to “i can’t describe this anger”

  1. Love, love, love this and agree with you 100%. I also fume when I see these ads. I saw a lady (being nice here) state on FB that she was putting her cat down because it had been hurt (and could be saved) but it would cost her R1000 and she would rather spend the money on something else. WTF!!!!. My furkids are naughty as hell and I have also thought what were you thinking but they are mine and I am lost without them.
    And you raise a very valid question about what will happen to your pets. People make provision for their children and they should also make provision for their pets!


    1. Now that annoys me. R1000 and her cat would have been ok? I don’t have R1000 but I would have done anything to have saved our boy in 2012 if I could. He twisted his stomach, and it was going to cost in the region of R12000 and more to ‘fix’ it, but there was no guarantee of a full recovery, plus the chances of it reoccurring were 80%. It wasn’t actually the money part, even though we had (and still have) nowhere near R12000; Axle’s quality of life would have never have been the same if we had gone through with the op, and that’s why my hubby made the heart-wrenching decision to euthanise him. If we could have saved him we would have. We miss him every single day. I’m glad I don’t know that lady; I have a few ‘choice words’ for her!

      I do believe that one should make provisions for their animals, or at least arrange with family and / or friends to take them in if something should happen to you. The amount of pets that are either surrendered to the SPCA or other pounds, and even put down because their owners passed away, and there’s no one to take care of them, breaks my heart. I mean our little Daisy was headed for the SPCA last February (she belonged to the lady at my new work who was emigrating) and without even having met Daisy, I told the lady that we’d adopt her. I couldn’t bear the thought of this loved little doggie going to the SPCA, where she would have most likely been put to sleep, as she’s a skittish little thing, who quivers and shakes and just wants love. I rescued one of those ‘free to loving home’ dogs last year; he’s now at my mom’s house as his previous owners were going to take him to the SPCA, because their garden wasn’t big enough for him. Apart from the fact that they kept him penned up in a TINY little fenced off area during the day, and then had the audacity to scold him when he jumped on them when they got home, and that was only because a) he was happy to see them, and b) he had so much unused energy!

      It’s getting to the point where people should have to apply for a licence to have a pet, or something like that. Ok, rant over 😉


      1. I agree with you 100%.

        I believe the decision that you made was made out of love and concern for your Axle and he passed knowing that he was loved beyond any imagination and more than anyone could love. He is in a better place. Sorry for your loss. They can never be replaced and I know that he will live forever in your heart.


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