i’m remembering why i don’t like the first trimester

As this is pregnancy number 2, and things are quite a bit different thing time around, I’ve decided to enjoy being pregnant.  To bask in the glow.  To catch myself smiling absentmindedly.  To just being pregnant.

Well if this first trimester is anything to go by, it’s going to be a rocky road.

I started ‘showing’ a week and a bit ago.  Yes, that’s soon.  No, I’m not making it up.  Yes, I am already a little uncomfortable.  Twins runs in both my family and the husband’s family.  To say that I’m just a little stressed, is a small understatement.

Everyday, for the past week and a bit, at exactly 15h15, exhaustion hits.  And I mean, haven’t-slept-in-5-days kinda exhaustion.  The exhaustion where you worry about still having a job at the end of the day.   And I of course don’t want to overdo it on the caffeine, but I’m seriously struggling.

Every night, for the past week or so, at exactly 19h00, my tummy starts to ache a little.  Yes I know that things are busy rearranging themselves, and that IT is busy implanting itself into my uterus, but ugh.  Every night?

I do remember that the first trimester is pretty crappy;  I’m grateful that I haven’t had any morning sickness yet, although I have more than likely jinxed myself.  I’ve been feeling a bit crappy, but nothing that would make me run to the doctor.

Speaking of doctors…

Last week Tuesday, I went to the doctor.  I never go to doctors.  Unless I am dying, or a piece of my body is falling off, I avoid doctors.  When I dropped my daughter off with my sister last Tuesday morning, as she wasn’t well, I asked my sister to please make a doctor’s appointment for M-L, and then ever so casually asked her to make an appointment for me too.  When the husband and I told my family on Wednesday night that I was pregnant, my sister, brother and his girlfriend all pretty much guessed it, simply because I went to the doctor, and had also complained of a ‘sore tummy’ beforehand.  As Homer Simpson would say… Doh!

But anyway…  My first check-up is in 3 weeks time;  hopefully the gynae will also do a scan as I am a little paranoid, especially with friends having miscarriages, and all of these aches and pains that I’ve been experiencing.  I just want to make sure that, however many are in there (please let it be one!), that everything is ok.

I think I’ll start to relax more, when I see that little heartbeat…




8 Replies to “i’m remembering why i don’t like the first trimester”

  1. As a father of twins, I can tell you that twins are determined by the mother’s genetics, or so the doctors told me. After all, if there’s only one egg there can be only one baby. Most of the time…


    1. Um, yes and no. The single egg can split once fertilised, resulting in identical twins. When 2 eggs are released and then subsequently fertilised, then they are fraternal twins; there will be some differences. First scan is in 2 weeks, well hopefully first scan. First gynae appointment, and hopefully a scan in 2 weeks – eeeeek!


      1. I said MOSTLY!! 😉

        Either way, if it’s two eggs or a split egg it’s on the mother. Shouldn’t she get the credit anyhow? She’s carrying them!!


      2. Credit to the mother and father, because even though the mother houses the baby, without the father there would be no baby!!! But it does seriously suck that my body is morphing and deforming whilst the husband just sits back and watches… *sigh* 😉


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