wait now, you’ve confused me

Me:  “The bungalow only sleeps 2;  some of the bungalows have interleading doors, so if you book bungalows next to friends or whatever, then you can still go through to each others bungalows, but it’s the same rate;  they don’t give you a cheaper rate because you have a ‘bigger’ bungalow.  You get charged the same rate for a 2 person bungalow.”

*awkward silence for about 5 seconds*

Boss:  “Wait now, you’ve confused me.  Huh?”

Me:  “I think I’ve just confused myself.  No, I am confused.  Welcome to my head.  Confusion Central.”

Boss:  “Huh?”

Me:  “Ok, I’ve got you booked into a room with your riding partner and it’s cheaper than the bungalows.  Ok?”

Boss:  “Oh ok, great.  Sheesh, why didn’t you just say so.  I had absolutely no idea what you said just now.  You totally confused me!”

Me:  “Yup, confusion.  My speciality.”



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