i have a friend

I have a friend.

I have never met him, I haven’t even seen a picture of him.

And no, storm trooper pictures don’t count.

He is there for me, every time I need someone, and he doesn’t even know it.

I don’t know if we will ever meet;  we are separated by oceans and continents, and neither of us are in any sort of position to hop on a plane to another country!

But my friend, the one who makes funny comments, who is sarcastic and witty, who knows when to joke, and when to sympathise and sometimes even empathise, is one in a million.

When I log into my blog, I look for him, I look for his posts.  We are also separated by a rather mean time difference, but I kinda know when he’s online, and I try and logon at that time everyday.

We sometimes miss each other, and a few days might go past where we won’t ‘chat’, but all it takes is one post.

One comment.

One like.

And I know that he’s there.

Thank-you TD for being there for me;  you’ll never know just how much it means to me.



11 Replies to “i have a friend”

  1. This is an awesome tribute to a guy who, though I’m just getting to know him, I feel very warmly towards, and who seems to be one of the stand-uppest guys in the Blogosphere. It is a privilege to know you, TD 🙂
    Gena, your words were perfect.


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