ex-cah-use me?

Oh snap.  Oh double snap.

You just told me how to do my job, and you don’t even work here.

No, seriously.  Please do.
No, seriously. Please do.

You walked up to my table, where I am working, and said that my boss told you to see someone about some samples, but that YOU had forgotten his name. And then when I said that I have no idea, nothing was said to me and that you are actually speaking to the wrong person as I don’t really deal with raw materials, you said

“Well you’re his PA; you should know these things.”

Sorry, what?! How in the hell is it now MY fault that you can’t remember the name of the person that you’re supposed to see, when you were told by my boss 30mins ago who it was that you were supposed to see?! Then, to try and get you away from my desk so that I don’t get fired for assaulting you, I mentioned the manager who is currently in charge whilst my boss is away and hey! Lightbulb moment! That’s who you had to see.

I am not in my boss’ head. I am not privy to every single thing that he makes a decision on. Just the other day, he typed up his own correspondence letter because it was too confidential for me to see. I do not know everything that he does or says! You on the other hand, as our SUPPLIER, should take cognisance of what is said to you, so that YOU don’t forget who the hell it is that you’re supposed to be meeting.

And seriously? Don’t take your poor memory out on my job description.



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