wondering what the hell

So remember when I said that I had figured out the cause of my insomnia, and that I had like, totally cured it?

It’s back.

Oh, and my headaches.  They’re back too.

With a vengeance.

I am still sleeping with my cellphone away from my bed, and I am trying to get into bed at a reasonable hour.  But even though I seem to be falling asleep really quickly, I have such a broken sleep, that I wake up exhausted.  Some might blame me waiting for the last possible minute to get out of bed in the mornings to the cold, as we’re about to enter winter, but it’s not that.  Even though I’m not a morning person, I do what I gotta do, and that includes getting up at some god awful hour.  As it is I’m up at 4am every morning to put our geyser on, so that there’s hot water to shower with.  My mistake is getting back into bed after putting the geyser on (it takes maybe 2 minutes to get up, put it on and go back to bed) and then sleeping until 5:30am.  But seriously, what am I supposed to do from 4am other than sleep?  I am so tired at 4am, that studying would be fruitless as I doubt that I’d retain anything, and the 7 odd hours of sleep that I am getting a night is not helping me at all, because it’s not even a solid 7 hours.  I don’t know how much sleep I get, but if I could estimate it at about 4-5 hours a night, I think that would be generous.

And now my headaches…  I haven’t had one of these nasties in about 2 months, and it’s been fantastic.  Then this last Saturday, I felt it starting.  I managed through the animal farm, but when we got back to my mom’s house I absolutely had to rest on my mom’s couch.  I then only ended up going home with M-L close on 7pm because my head was so sore, and my vision was so bad that I didn’t feel comfortable driving.  I then worked on Sunday, with the headache, and at about 10am, I was seriously close to asking the owner if I could go home.  That would have meant no money at all, but it was baaaaad.  I took 2 painkillers (which did absolutely nothing) and just carried on.  Yesterday at work my headache subsided a bit at about lunch time and was manageable, but came back with a flying kick in the evening.  I was in bed so early last night, purely because I couldn’t sit up in the lounge.  Now this morning, I actually just want to cry.  Aaaand sitting in front of my laptop typing this, is not helping.  But alas, 95% of my job is done sitting behind my laptop.

I am ‘used’ to these headaches, but not like this.  I usually get them at a certain time in the month (oh yes, hahaha) but it’s so out of sync this month that I’m actually a bit confused.  The husband (as always) is worried, but I just tend to brush it off, and grin and bear it.

But I would really like my bed, some schedule 7 painkillers and darkness for the next 8 hours.



8 Replies to “wondering what the hell”

  1. It’s not perhaps diet related? Have you noticed any specific foods around the times you get these headaches?
    My husband had headaches like that,we were going through a box of Syndol a week at one point with him and they were debilitating. But since he has cut all wheat out of his diet the headaches seem to have gone away?


    1. I did some research a few months back because I didn’t want to go to the doctor (I’m stubborn) and I wanted to see if I could figure it out. According to the online research that I did, I suffer from menstrual migraines. My symptoms matches all of those listed online, and so I left it at that. I haven’t had a headache / migraine like this in about 2 months, and when I did have them they happened 1-2 days before it was THAT TIME. They’ve never happened afterwards, and never so long afterwards, if you know what I mean.

      I hardly eat wheat; if I have 1-2 sarmies a week that’s a lot. I do eat a fair amount of pasta, but the headaches don’t happen after eating meals that have pasta in them, well not all the time anyway. Panado, Compral etc have no effect on my headaches; I take them to try and con my brain into submission. The only thing that sometimes works is 8, yes 8 Myprodol and a few hours sleep. But then I’m a zombie for a good few hours after that, and sometimes I wake up and the pain is still there, if not worse.

      One of these headaches has lasted 8 days before, today is day 4 of this bout. The husband has ordered me to the doctor, but I’m still umming and ahhing about it. I hate making a fuss about me, but I must admit that when my vision goes blurry and I want to vomit from the pain, yep, I do start worrying.

      My mom, step-dad, brother and system are all gluten-intolerant and I seem to be fine, but I haven’t been tested. Even my nephew (9 months old) is gluten intolerant and suffers from Coeliac Disease. So I’m not writing gluten out but at 28, can it affect me only now?


      1. You’re not on birth control are you? I friend of mine just went through something similar… turned out her pill was causing her BP to sky rocket and she was getting migraines. Switched over to the injection and all gone.

        You poor thing, I’ve seen how Walter suffers with these type headaches, he literally looks like someone has punched him in the eyes. Strongs to your husband too, if you’re anything like Walter when you’re like this…. it’s rather unpleasant for all involved! 🙂


      2. Yeah, I’m not pleasant when I’m like this, so I withdraw and that’s when Lee really knows when somethings not right. I also become more snappy than usual 😉 I tend to go paler than I usually am, and the circles under my eyes are even darker than normal. At least 3 people have told me that I look so tired today *sigh*.

        I’m on the pill (Nordette) and have been since 2004. This is my second month off of it, because I couldn’t afford it, and my medical aid doesn’t cover it. (They cover an R80k c-section birth, but not a R90/month pill – go figure) I would have expected this kind of headache last month because my hormones would have been readjusting etc, but apart from feeling queasy I didn’t have a headache / migraine at all. I do get heart palpitations but my GP has said that it’s normal for everyone to get them every now and then. I dunno, a trip to the doc might just be in order 😦

        It’s crazy; whenever M-L or Lee are ill I rush them to the doctor (Lee is usually protesting, kicking and screaming) but when I’m not well I dig my heels in and am as stubborn as a stubborn mule! But this has been going on for almost a year now – ‘spose I should stop ignoring it? It’s most likely something so petty and small like a hormone imbalance, but geez does it make me feel awful!


    1. At this stage I wouldn’t be surprised lol. But it’s been going on for about a year or thereabouts. It’s normally a THAT-TIME-OF-THE-MONTH thing, but it’s been weird this time around. Not what I’m ‘used’ to at all. And the intense nausea is crazy too.

      And no, I’m not pregnant :p


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