great expectations – a huge disappointment

This year was supposed to be my year.  My main goal this year (apart from getting out of debt, being a better wife and mother blah blah blah, etc) was to run and complete the 2014 Comrades Marathon.  This year it takes place on Sunday the 1st of June.

I won’t be running it.

It is all my fault, and I accept full responsibility for it.  But I am bitterly disappointed.  For the past 8 years or so, it has been a dream and goal of mine to complete just 1 Comrades Marathon.  89km of blood, sweat, tears and then a little more blood.  I unfortunately left my training a little too late, and then didn’t train hard enough.  I entered some 20+km races earlier this year, and then injured myself.  During my ‘oh woe is me’ period of about 2 weeks after picking up my injury, I didn’t train at all.  I gorged on junk food and became a full on couch potato.  Then I decided stuff it, I’m going for it.  But by that stage I had missed any local qualifying races, and couldn’t afford to travel very far to any other qualifiers.  Plus, there is no chance in hell that I would have completed a 42.2km in 5hrs or less, and that’s the minimum qualifying race that the Comrades Association will accept.  I also stupidly scheduled my wrist surgery for Friday the 21st of February, and the qualifier that I had been training for was on Sunday the 23rd of February.


Due to the anesthetic, I had no appetite for almost a week after the surgery, which is no good to an athlete.  I was luckily able to recoup the entrance fee, as the Comrades Association allowed for substitutions this year, so at least my entry went to a runner who will be running it.  A runner who has trained adequately.  A runner who didn’t let injury get in her way.  A runner that is not me.

But from my disappointment, has come a valued lesson.  I now have a running partner who has run 6 Comrades Marathons and completed 4.  I am saving for new running shoes, and looking at eating plans and training regimens.  My goal of completing a Comrades Marathon is still there, it’s just moved out a bit.

2015, watch out.  I’m coming for you.  Bum knee and all.


This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt: Great Expectations


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