i’m a milk cow

Remember last year, when the husband told me that I should have gone up a dress size?  Well today’s conversation, totally tops that.  Please make sure that you read the linked post to understand the hilarity in today’s conversation.

Husband:  “Are you and M-L still going to the animal farm tomorrow?”

Me:  “Yes.  Please could you transfer Rxxx into my account for entrance fee, food etc.  (He gets paid on the 18th, me on the 25th.  He’s been paid already.)  I really hope that I make some money on Sunday;  all the money that I made last weekend is finished.”

Husband:  “What happened last weekend that you had such a flop with the amount of tables that you served?”

I then told him that the waiter that I was sharing my section with, ended up serving 3/4 of the tables that sat down, because he doesn’t know how to share, and that he needed a crash course in what rotation actually meant.

Me:  “Yeah, I’m not helping any waiters out this weekend.  I’m going to focus on my section, as I need to make money.”

Husband:  “Absolutely.  You’re there for you to make money.  Just remember, you’re a milk cow in a horse race in that place.”


Me:  “I’m a what?”

Husband:  “I didn’t mean it like that!”

Me: ” I’m a what?!”  By this stage I couldn’t contain my laughter;  I’m cool like that 😉

Husband:  “I really didn’t mean it like that!  What I meant is that it’s cutthroat and you need to only worry about yourself and your section, not the other waiters and that you’re older than them and that you have to be careful and…”

Me:  “This is just like last year when you told me that I should have gotten a bigger dress, only this time I’M A MILK COW!”

Husband:  “Shut up!  I didn’t mean it like that!”

I know that my husband wasn’t calling me fat.  But the visual of a milk cow running a horse race absolutely cracked me up, and I could hear him blushing on the other end of the phone.  I handled today’s faux pax just as coolly as I did last year’s;  it honestly didn’t faze me and I really do see the funny side of it all.

Plus it makes a totally funny blog entry 🙂


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