hey you!

I’m back to working 2 jobs.  I have my Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm job, and then on public holidays and weekends I waitress.  Times are tough, and the waitressing has been my saving grace with regards to petrol, and school fees and and and.

But let me just clarify something for you;  I do not dream about coming to the restaurant, just to serve you.  To clean up your spilled food, to run back and forth from the bar with drink after drink (because for some reason your table can’t just order a round all at once), to sweep and mop the floors once you’ve left, and to fight with the kitchen staff to ensure that your food is perfect so that hopefully you’ll tip me the 10% that I really hope you will.

I happen to enjoy waitressing.  If you’re good at it (which I believe I am) the opportunity to make money is there.  But it does not give you, the customer any right whatsoever to speak to me, or my colleagues as if we’re lower than the pond scum at the bottom on your shoe.

Scenario #1

Customer ordered breakfast, with soft eggs and crisp toast.  Breakfast came out with medium eggs and cold toast.  Customer not happy;  waitress runs around, begging the kitchen to make more eggs and toast as quickly as possible.  )Side note;  the customer’s brother had already warned you as they entered the restaurant that his brother was basically impossible to please.  Yay.)  You finally deliver the corrected breakfast to the table, only to have the customer loudly ask “Well what about the tomato sauce (ketchup) that my wife asked for and is still waiting for?”  I will admit that the waitress was a bit cheeky, and I personally wouldn’t have responded how she did, so in a sense I can understand the customer’s reaction.  To a point.

Waitress points out that she was running around trying to make him happy, and that she was on her way to go and get the tomato sauce, but that she really doesn’t understand why the customer is being so awful to her.  Or something to that effect.  Well that did it.  The customer then proceeded to loudly demand the manager, to which the waitress tried to calm him down, but it was more of her starting to argue with him, that all she was trying to do was keep him happy.  About 1 minutes worth of arguing and the waitress went and got the manager.  The manager spent about 5-7 minutes at the table, after which the customers left, bill unpaid and voided.

So this scenario, both the waitress and the customer were in the wrong.

Scenario #2

After a relatively ok-ish table, they ask their waitress for dessert.  Waitress goes off to the computer to input orders through to the kitchen (she had about 3 tables orders to send through) when the customer from the dessert table walks up to the waitress and screams in her ear “WHERE IS MY F***ING ICE-CREAM?!” to which waitress no 2 (who went and took the ice-cream from the kitchen) shoved it into his face, saying “THERE”.  (When I say ‘in his face’ I mean figuratively, not literally.  Waitress no 1 is then left in a tearful state, and battles to input the rest of her orders.

Scenario #3

At the end of a lazy afternoon at a game lodge, a loud, obnoxious, RUDE man, who has been treating the waitress like dirt for the entire 2 hours that his party has been seated at her table, ends up swearing at her, after belittling, humiliating and making rude innuendos at her.  The waitress then asked the man who the hell he thought he was talking to, thinking that he could swear at her like that, to which the man replied “I’m the customer;  you shut your f***ing face.”  The waitress then calmly turned to the man’s wife, and said “If this is how he talks to me, a stranger, I would hate to know how to treats you, his wife.  I am so so sorry.”

Some while later, a member of the man’s party came up to the waitress, apologised on his behalf and told her that she was the first one to have ever stood up to him like that, and that everyone (including the man’s wife) was so very grateful.

But why oh why oh WHY must it get to that point?  We too are human beings;  why do some people feel the need to berate us, make us feel even smaller than what we already do.  Yes, I’m chosen to waitress in order to earn some extra money, but seeing as I don’t even clean up after my own family, do you really think I want to be cleaning up after you?


P.S.:  This post doesn’t apply to those lazy-ass, useless waitrons that I know exist.


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