oh look, another sm blunder

The definition of social media
The definition of social media
So I typed “definition of social media” into Google, and this little graphic defining social media came up. SM = social media. Twitter falls into the SM category. According to Statistic Brain, twitter has 645,750,000 active, registered users on its website. That’s a fair amount of people. So with so many people on ONE website, you would think that people would think, or better yet READ what they want to post before actually posting it.

I missed the whole US Airwarys tweet debacle last week; I’ve seen a censored picture and actually thought it was brilliant. For the woman that posted it first. Not so much for US Airways. Then there was the whole Justine Sacco twitter disaster that happened at the end of December 2013 which I did in fact take offence to, because that woman unfortunately played right into the American stereotype, that us people who live in 3rd world Africa, ride around on elephants, have lions in our backyards, and of course must have AIDS. Yes USA, we have stereotypes about you too. We won’t talk about the AIDS epidemic happening WORLDWIDE then shall we? BTW, worldwide INCLUDES the USA.

But over here in little old South Africa, we too have our SM open-mouth-change-foot moments. @RBJacobs is a representative for FNB (First National Bank) on twitter. I bank with FNB. @RBJacobs has assisted me more than once via twitter, and has always been efficient, polite and also throws around a joke a 2 every now and then.

His joke this morning however, hasn’t gone down so well.

Picture source www.lifeissavage.com
Picture source http://www.lifeissavage.com

I admit that when I first saw the screenshot, I was shocked. I was annoyed. I was like wtf?! The tweet has since been deleted, but unfortunately the damage has been done. But you know what? If this joke (as distasteful as it is) was told between you and your mates around the braai (bbq) you’d laugh. Admit it. Because deep down inside, you’re look at this tweet, and you’re giggling. On the outside you’re the epitome of outrage, but inside you’re laughing.

One of the best tweets I’ve seen thus far regarding this whole debacle (actually there are 2) are as follows:

Screenshot_2014-04-22-14-45-10 and

This is my favourite :)
This is my favourite 🙂
@maddog_sa has also written a blog post regarding this whole tweet debacle, which puts a whole new spin on it. I honestly hadn’t thought of the tweeter from a ‘human’ point of view, but in actual fact even though ‘their’ name is @RBJacobs, representing FNB on twitter, there is most definitely more than 1 person running that twitter account, under that name.

I personally am not offended by this tweet. Shocked yes, but that is because it’s just not what I’d expect from such a professional. As mentioned above, I have dealt with this @RBJacobs persona several times before, and have had nothing but superb service.

But I personally feel, that with SM, the backlash and ‘oopsies’ and “I was hacked” excuses are going to prevail. And twitter isn’t the only SM platform where ‘oopsies’ like this have taken place.

But twitter is the only SM platform that I actively engage it, because there is seriously never a dull moment.

So chin up @RBJacobs.

And leave the joke telling to the comedians.



3 Replies to “oh look, another sm blunder”

    1. I agree. Although I don’t know who Family Guy is…

      The joke is very tasteless. But there are so many bigger things going on in this world you know? But he was wrong, no argument there.


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