well that was a crazy morning…

The universe has a twisted sense of humour I tell you. One minute you’re getting ready to go to work, helping your daughter brush her teeth and hair, and the next minute you’re on your hands and knees checking if your husband is still breathing, as his eyes rolls back into his head, and his mouth puts a cappuccino frother to shame.

A few of you might remember that my hubby was admitted into hospital mid February, and then had a follow-up at the end of February. Since then, he has had 2 seizures, one of which I witnessed this morning. And that was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen in my life.

He blacks out completely during his ‘episodes’ and has no recollection of that time lost. Like this morning; he remembers standing in the kitchen by the sink, and then sitting on the kitchen floor, trying to figure out what happened. The in-between, the almost 10 minutes that he can’t recall, I spent in tears, trying to get him to come to, almost too afraid to touch or move him because I didn’t know if he had any neck or spinal damage. I don’t know if he hit his head, but luckily, when he came to, he knew where he was, who he was, who I was etc. The worst part of it all was that M-L walked into the kitchen with me and saw him lying on the floor, and of course got upset. I immediately pushed her into the lounge onto the couch, and put on some cartoons, really REALLY loud to distract her. Then my frantic phone calls started. First to my mom, then when she didn’t answer to my sister who lives with my mom. The reason I phoned them first, is that my step-dad is a former paramedic, and he could get up to my house a lot quicker than any ambulance. Luckily, as I was on the phone to my mom, my hubby started to come to. My step-dad and sister still came up to my house, as I was supposed to be taking both my sister and daughter to work and school, but now needed to go in the opposite direction to the hospital.

After I bundled M-L into the car, told her how much mommy and daddy loved her and that daddy would be alright, I started the phone calls to my in-laws. Once that was done, it was time to get him off to hospital.

Typical bloody man.

30 minutes prior he was lying on the floor having a serious seizure, but takes his sweet ass time to go to the hospital. We only got the hospital after 9am; his seizure happened just after 7am. Ay yay yay; men… But he did want to have a bath (he normally showers but didn’t have the strength to stand in the shower) so I ran him a nice warm bath and then I bathed him. It was weird but comforting at the same time. We did eventually get to the hospital, and I had ensured that we had packed a bag for him as I assumed that he would be admitted due to the seizure, but he wasn’t, which is actually a good thing. His neurologist is currently away at a medical conference and is only back next week, and the ‘specialist physician’ that saw him has no idea what SUNCT is (his current neurological condition). He told my husband to eradicate all stress from his life, and then he’ll be fine. It was at that point that we decided to leave. Luckily the doctor had the same idea. He said it was because he didn’t want to duplicate any tests that the neuro had done in February, and wanted to wait so that he could read the neuro’s notes on my husband’s condition. What he basically said in a roundabout way, was that my husband was making it all up. He even mentioned mercury poisoning (from his fillings) and even epilepsy. Let’s just say that the 23rd of April cannot arrive soon enough, as that’s when his appointment with HIS neuro is.

So the hubby is at home, trying to rest, and I’ve decided not to go to lectures tonight as a) it’s a total waste of petrol and time as we don’t actually learn anything, and b) I need to be at home. It’s that simple.

But I do not want a repeat of this morning anytime soon.



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