unlinking my face

It’s been a weird 2 weeks or so. And this morning I made the decision to unlink my blog from my Facebook account, because it was just no longer worth all of the crap that it was bringing. Oh I know that people who followed my blog via Facebook can still access my blog if they saved the link address, but the fact that my posts will not be shared to my Facebook profile anymore relieves me.

I’ve been contemplating unlinking the 2 for a while now, but always stopped myself just before I clicked the unlink button. But it’s done, and as Facebook is blocked at work, I won’t be re-linking it anytime soon. People that have read my blog posts via Facebook have criticised me, been nasty to me, and I just honestly don’t need it anymore. I feel more love and understanding from my fellow bloggers, than what I do from my ‘friends and family’ on Facebook. Crikey but Facebook is far more trouble than what it’s worth. I haven’t posted a status update in almost a week, and have only been posting Instagram pics because those 2 accounts are linked as well. Other than that, Facebook is just a waste of time to me. I barely interact with anyone anymore, and the most useful tool that Facebook offers me these days, are the birthday reminders. And even then it’s so fake, typing smiley faces and xxx and all of that crap.

I myself am guilty of ‘oversharing’ on Facebook; oh woe is me and all of that nonsense. Trying to make the world feel sorry for little ol’ me, having a rant, having a bad day etc. Then there are the posts that are so happy and full of love that I too am guilty of posting. I find twitter more interesting and open and honest than Facebook, yet on twitter I’m interacting mostly with people I do not know, but Facebook is supposed to be full of my ‘family and friends’? Explain that one to me. And don’t tell me it’s because I’ve ‘reinvented’ myself on twitter; my twitter handle is my full name (original, I know) and my profile pictures are always of either my daughter and/or myself.

I have been both publicly and privately criticised on Facebook, always by family members. I have been publicly shamed and embarrassed by ‘friends’ on Facebook and well as horrifically criticised. I have been made out as an awful person, trying to get some glory from a mutual friend’s murder; I have been told what a disgusting mother I am because I was contemplating a split from my husband. I find Facebook to be full of judgemental hypocrites, and I am so relieved that I will hardly be interacting on it anymore. I’ve decided to keep my Facebook account open, if only for the pictures of my daughter. I have family all over South Africa and the world, so it’s a quick and easy way to share pictures of M-L without having to send the pics individually to each and every person.

I’m not saying that I will never be criticised ever again, but I am so sick and tired, mostly tired of being criticised for MY opinions, on MY Facebook account, that I opened all those years ago. On twitter, if someone doesn’t like what you tweet, it’s as simple as clicking the ‘unfollow’ button.

If you don’t like what I have to say on Facebook, there is an option to ‘unfriend’ me. But instead of doing that, people choose to create friction and decide to criticise so unnecessarily. I don’t mind the private messages on Facebook, but the public shit just really gets to me. There is absolutely no need for it. Yes, I know that I’m contradicting myself, because on twitter it’s not a normal day unless there’s a twar or 10 going on. But again, Facebook and twitter are so different, even though they are both social media platforms.

So Facebook, I have unfriended you.

And it honestly wasn’t that hard to do.



8 Replies to “unlinking my face”

  1. There are definitely different “energies” with each platform. For what its worth, I’ve found Google+ to be a congenial alternative to Facebook. My favourite social network is Flickr, I’m connected to photographers work that I consistently admire and there’s no negativity. I think on FB people who troll news articles, troll their friends too. Maybe it’s too personal.


    1. I’ve got a Google+ account, but I have actually never logged into it! I haven’t used Flickr, and only started using Instagram last month! But I’ve been on Facebook for about 7-8 years, and twitter for almost 5. But I think you’re right; Facebook is a bit too personal, and so family and friends perhaps think that they can say what they want, with no consequence? Either way, I’m done with it.


  2. Maybe you could just block the offending parties? I mean, if they’re going to be pricks there’s no sense in letting them continue to see what you’re posting.


    1. Honestly, I’m glad I’ve disabled it. Because Facebook is primarily friends and family, not like twitter, I always tended to watch what I blogged about because I didn’t know how people would react.

      Now I just don’t care.


  3. I linked up my facebook initially too but then I unlinked because C’mon there is a reason why I was writing my blog anonymously, ha ! There was a lot of stuff I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with the people I knew. Specifically because of their judgmental eyes !
    Do as you please, as as you feel comfortable. After all this blog is for you 🙂


  4. I wanted to blog anonymously, but then after linking my FB and twitter accounts I realised duh! But I agree with not feeling comfortable with sharing some stuff with my FB people. I really do feel better by unlinking it, but I’ve already had a FB message from a family member which I haven’t read properly, about my post yesterday regarding my husband.

    But yes, this blog IS for me. And I haven’t been blogging the way that I’ve wanted to because of ‘fear of reprisal’ from mainly family members who read my blog mainly from my FB feed.

    But all of that has changed 😉


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