I think that I should blog every year about how much I don’t care about my birthday. Maybe then, every birthday would rock as much as my birthday did this year 🙂

The idea
The idea
A few weeks back, I posted a picture to Facebook of a clock that I’d seen on Twitter, and as I have a ‘thing’ for clocks, and the fact that this clock so aptly described me, I tagged my mom so that she could get a laugh out of it.

Mom, you won my birthday this year.

The big surprise that I almost ruined? This. (see below)

My clock
My clock
Well, I squeaked. I squealed. I had a grin so big across my face, I think I out-smiled the Cheshire cat.

We then walked around the flea market for another 2 hours or so, but all I could think of was my awesome clock, and how pretty darn cool my birthday has been this year.

And as much as I detest surprises…

This one was most definitely worth being surprised with 🙂



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