she’s in!!!

I am a very proud and happy mommy right now πŸ™‚

Yesterday morning, I received a phone call from the local primary school that I had applied to for M-L, asking if we could come through for an interview with the principal this morning at 08h30. Without a moment’s hesitation, I said yes! Of course! I then went and asked my boss if it would be alright if I came in a bit late this morning…

So off the 3 of us went this morning, and at 08h30 we found ourself in the principal’s office of Hillcrest Primary School. M-L was so well behaved, and she interacted with the principal so well, that the principal actually commended her for her willingness to speak to her. All of the other children that she had interviewed had just clung in silence to their mom or dad. I am a past pupil of HPS, and the principal did remember me which was pretty darn cool πŸ™‚ About 7 minutes into our interview, the principal looked at us and said:

“I’m accepting M-L right now for Grade R 2015.”

Day. Made.

Securing a place for your child in a public school in South Africa isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and if you leave it too late, even if you’re classified as living ‘in-area’, that doesn’t guarantee your child a spot. I think I was bordering on harassment, the amount of phone calls I made to the admin department of HPS, asking when the application for admission forms would be ready, and then when they were ready, I fetched them on the Tuesday morning 3 weeks ago, and handed them in, filled out and copies of my life (lease (proof of residence), ID’s, M-L’s school report, school fee statement etc) attached the very next morning. I was told that I was one of the first parents to hand everything in (yay me!). I just needed to get M-L’s unabridged birth certificate, as I only had her abridged birth certificate. I then applied for that on the 21st of February; was told by Home Affairs that it would take about 3 months, and then received a text message last Friday (1 week after applying) stating that her unabridged birth certificate was ready for collection.

It was quite honestly meant to be. Let’s tick it all off:

1. Forms collected, filled out and handed back in 24hrs
2. Unabridged birth certificate ready in 1 week as opposed to 3 months
3. Last minute phone call for interview taken

I am so excited and quite honestly relieved, as M-L’s school for the next 8 years is sorted out. And the other great thing, is that part of the money that we have to pay now, well actually 85% of it, goes straight into our school fee account, as a credit for January 2015.

Happiness is… πŸ˜€



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