toddler language

Ok, at 4 and a bit years old, M-L is not really a toddler anymore. But it was a cute title, and it kinda works for this post.

Last night, as M-L and I were leaving my mom’s house, my mom mentioned to M-L that she must be a good girl, because she’s going away on Friday until Monday, so they wouldn’t see each other for a few days.


Heart wrenching cry.

M-L refused to let go of my mom, gripping her arm and half pulling her into her carseat with her.

I then realised what the problem was.

The way that my mom had explained that she was going away, sounded like she wasn’t coming back.

It was one of those hit-face-with-open-palm moments, and I immediately told M-L not to worry, because Nana was coming back.

There’s my mom, half in my car and half out, pretty much attached to M-L as there was no chance in hell that M-L was letting go anytime soon, M-L sobbing big heartbreaking sobs, tears running down her face, and my mom with her tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

A few big hugs, kisses and a proper explanation later, and we left, with a smiling M-L. Well sort of smiling. I think she was sending daggers to my head through the back of the head rest, but it was dark so I’m not 100% sure.

You and I, as adults would have understood that my mom would be back on Monday, however to my 4 year old, because my mom didn’t say “I will be back on Monday” and instead said “I’ll be away from Friday to Monday” she understood it as my mom was never coming back.

M-L was around my mom every single day for the first 2 years of her life, as we lived at my moms’ house. They are as close as a grandmother and granddaughter can be. So I totally got the snot en trane (snot and tears for the non South Africans đŸ˜‰ ) last night. In fact, it was kind of a great end to an otherwise crappy day.

So just to reiterate; Nana will be leaving tomorrow but will be back on Monday!!



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