happy birthday! well ok, just birthday then

It’s my birthday next week. I will be turning 28. I don’t feel almost 28. I feel much older than almost 28. In-between a depressed husband, medication that has been zonking me out, my daughter that has been waking up every night thus waking me up and my insomnia, I feel old before my time.


I used to be excited for my birthday; I think most youngsters are. But as I’ve gotten older, I have cared less and less. Not because I’m all ‘woe is me’ blah blah blah, I just honestly don’t see the point of making such a huge fuss over a day. I think the last birthday I properly celebrated was my 21st, and even that was bleh. It was ok; I had a few good friends, my bestie flew in from Cape Town and of course my maternal family and boyfriend, but it was not exactly what I dreamed of for my 21st. You know what I’m most focussed on for my birthday? What sort of stupid cake I’m going to bring in for work. And even that is just so much effort.

It’s my birthday; if I don’t want to bring in cake, then why the hell should I? It’s just unfortunate that the intranet has all of the company birthday’s on it for each day, so even though I send out the birthday e-mails, I obviously don’t send out for myself. But someone always sees that it’s my birthday, and sends out the dreaded e-mail.


You know what I am looking forward to regarding my birthday? I’m getting my stitches out from my surgery on my birthday šŸ™‚ . What a birthday present right?!

One birthday that I get so excited for every year, is M-L’s. I wish she would just stop growing up so damn fast, but I absolutely love planning her party, and watching her open her presents, and having a whole day to celebrate her being born. Because her being born is ABSOLUTELY something to celebrate. She hadn’t even had her Jake and the Neverland Pirates party last year, and she was telling me that she is having a Doc McStuffins party this year. I planned her party last year for about 8 months or so; at least M-L gave me a year’s notice this time around šŸ˜‰

So no happy birthday for me then; just birthday will do.



28 Replies to “happy birthday! well ok, just birthday then”

    1. I was expecting a silly comment from you šŸ˜‰ it’s bad luck to wish someone before their birthday by the way… But as I never said the exact date of my birthday, you’re forgiven šŸ˜‰


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