a little bit more than a snip

So I had my surgery on my wrist yesterday. Let me just say this.


My surgery in 2011 wasn’t this painful, but I now know why. In 2011 the surgeon cut across the top of my wrist to remove the ganglion, whereas yesterday the surgeon cut both across and up, as he had to go quite deep to remove the root of the ganglion that wasn’t removed in 2011. Ow.

Day 1 post surgery
Day 1 post surgery

But there is a funny side to this story. Whilst in recovery yesterday afternoon, I had some hectic pain and so the anesthetist gave me something for the pain. After 10 minutes the pain hadn’t subsided, so he then gave me morphine. Morphine people. My new best friend. That was me, out for 3 hours! The op was at 1pm and I said I’d phone my hubby at 2:30pm. I phoned him just after 4pm!! I could actually feel the morphine coursing through my body; was by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced! Apart from the anesthetic burning its way up my right arm 🙂 I remember apologising to the nurses for being such a pain (I was apparently an exemplary patient) and also asking if I had dreamt my wrist issues, to which the anesthesiologist showed me the little medical tub with the 7mm ganglion root and ‘bits’. I cannot for the life of me remember me what it looked like apart from red, but there was definitely something removed from my wrist! So for the past 2 years and 3 months since my last surgery, I wasn’t imagining it! Yay me!

I left the hospital just after 5pm, and drove myself home. Yes I know, but I felt OK and took a slow drive home. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Between the anesthetic and the morphine my brain was definitely not properly connected to my body!

This time around I’m in a lot more pain and haven’t filled my script for the pain meds, but I’m just gritting my teeth and carrying on. I didn’t go for my Saturday run this morning (I only woke up just before 10am, oops) and I’m not running the PMB marathon tomorrow 😦 but I should be back in running action on Tuesday morning, 5am 🙂

I hope your weekend is going a bit better than mine!



3 Replies to “a little bit more than a snip”

    1. I am feeling much better, compared to Saturday 🙂 It’s still sore, but I filled my pain meds script on Sunday, so I’ve been floating just above the clouds for the past 2 days.

      It’s pretty awesome 😉


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